Get Ready for the WPC2022 Video Game Tournament

Are you ready to play? The WPC2022 video game tournament is the premier video game tournament of the year, and it’s hosted by the World Peace Council! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started, what to expect, and how to win! First, we’ll discuss what it takes to play in this global tournament and where you can find your ticket. Then, we’ll show you how you can participate in the preliminary rounds so that you can compete against other players worldwide!

What is WPC2022?

WPC stands for World Programming Championship, and every four years teams from around the world compete in a massive tournament. The games are updated versions of popular console classics like Super Mario Bros, Crash Bandicoot, and Donkey Kong Country. The event is open to university students. There are over 300 universities represented in Australia alone, competing for over 6 weeks.

You can watch WPC2022/wpc2025/wpc2027/woc2029 online or on TV on Channel Ten’s ELEVEN channel or ABC2 channel. It’s going to be huge! With so many young people playing these games, there’s no doubt that next year’s winner will represent our country proudly. But what about this year? Who do you think will take it out? For some last-minute tips before the big day check out our blog tomorrow morning!

The Global Video Game Competition


In 2022, eSports will come to China in a big way. (Yes, China—despite what you may have heard.) The World Professional e-Sports Federation is hosting a massive international video game tournament—think Olympic proportions. Countries from all over are sending their best gamers to compete in some of today’s most popular games.

And it’s being held right here in Hangzhou! We’re already counting down the days until we see our hometown heroes take on the world’s best players. Who knows? Maybe one day, Hangzhou might host its own Olympics… but that’s probably years away. For now, enjoy these snapshots of 2018 Hangzhou through the eyes of an ex-pat who loves his new home city. Start by exploring the temples and shrines around town.

Do I Need Experience?

While there is no experience required to participate in video games, they’re typically best suited for players who are familiar with some of today’s most popular titles. It’s unlikely that someone who’s never played a video game in their life will qualify; if you don’t have any gaming experience, consider yourself out unless you have a friend or family member willing to help you. For those of you who want to get in on the action but are not sure where to start, we recommend looking at one of our many pre-selected games below.

The list includes both console and PC games, so it should be easy to find something to suit your tastes. If you do decide to go ahead and take part in the tournament next week and find that your skills need more work, please feel free to contact us beforehand and we’ll be happy to arrange an introductory lesson (or lessons) before the competition starts.
We hope this helps answer any questions you may have about next week’s exciting event.

How Does the Competition Work?

The 2018 World Pong Championship will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 13th through July 16th. During these four days, participants will play pong against one another until there is only one person left standing as the champion. They’ll also get to take part in a number of festivities and parties thrown throughout each day. There are multiple tiers of competition depending on your skill level, but you can go from amateur to professional with just one tournament win under your belt!

The first-place winner of each tier gets the chance to participate in the elite finals event where they’ll compete for a $10,000 prize pool! In addition, all those who make it to the final rounds will have their names engraved onto an enormous trophy and qualify for entry into next year’s competition.

How Will It Change My Life?


The WPC2022 video game tournament is a new event at World Partner Conference, but will undoubtedly become one of your favorite parts of the week. By allowing you to flex your competitive muscles while also spending time with friends, it’s just as fun as it is healthy—and there’s no question it will be one of your best memories from the conference. If you think you can win an award for Most Improved Gamer or Best Newbie, then get ready to battle in wpc2018. For those who are less experienced, remember that everyone starts somewhere and that this is the perfect opportunity to learn some skills and make some friends.

And if you’re worried about feeling left out because you don’t have any idea what this video game thing is all about? Don’t worry—you won’t be alone. Even if you’re new to gaming, your partner is here to show you the ropes (literally). Your partner will teach you how to play their personal favorite and explain why they love it so much. You’ll meet tons of people who share similar interests, too. Plus, plenty of people at last year’s WPC2022 were able to learn about a few games that they hadn’t tried before thanks to these sorts of events!

What If I Don’t Win?

If you don’t win, don’t fret. Maybe your version of Tetris was too high-concept or just not good enough. Look at it as a learning experience and try again next year. That way, when someone else steps up to take your place on stage you can make them look like a complete fool in front of hundreds of people.

The only time you should be upset is if you are sitting by yourself with no friends, family, loved ones, or cheering sections behind you. It’s a shame that we live in such an age where playing video games have become what makes us happy.

However, I am grateful that I have been able to play some amazing games this past year (mostly off my phone) and find something worth remembering about 2018 despite the trauma around me. Here are five of my favorite games from this year: Fallout 76, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, JUMP Force, and Detroit: Become Human. I highly recommend all five titles to anyone who enjoys video games because they offer so much different gameplay experiences while still holding true to their original roots.

Are There Other Ways to be Part of WPC2022?

If you love video games, why not apply to be a referee at next year’s event? We need your help as an official observer and head referee. Last year was a success with over 1,000 players competing in 22 different gaming categories. As one of our Head Referees, you’ll be responsible for facilitating rounds and managing player scores, ensuring that everyone follows proper play rules and gets fairly scored on their performance in each round.

You’ll also work closely with other officials, such as the game arbiter or game marshal. No matter what position you take on staff, there’s something for everyone: whether it’s keeping score, coaching new players, or catching rule violations—you’ll make this tournament come alive from start to finish!

Who Can Participate in The Competition?

The contest is open to anyone who plays video games and has a Windows PC. That’s it—no age restrictions, no residency requirements, no prerequisites. As long as you fit that criteria, you’re free to compete in our friendly battle of skill and wit. If you don’t have a Windows PC? You can still play along at home by downloading emulators like DOSBox or ScummVM. Download your favorite game (such as Doom, Tetris, SimCity 2000) and enter the name of your executable file when prompted. There are even online resources available to download some of these old-school titles if you’re feeling nostalgic.
If you’ve never played one of these games before, we recommend reading up on them before entering the tournament; most importantly though, try not to get too intimidated! It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with gaming or any other field – just come out and play with us.

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