A Quick Primer on Kalashtar Origins, Abilities, and More

A kalashtar is an unusual creature, sharing traits of both human and celestial beings in a way no other race has achieved. But who are the kalashtar? Where do they come from? What are their abilities, and what role do they play in Golarion’s current state of affairs? This article will answer these questions and more, including providing five sample Kalashtar character concepts to help you jump into Pathfinder Society Organized Play or any Dungeons & Dragons campaign with complete backstory detail!

So what exactly is a kalashtar?

A kalashtar is a compound race, made up of both human and quori spirits. They come from the planet Adar and were originally created to fight the Dreaming Dark. Kalashtar has a number of abilities that set them apart from other races, including psionics and immunity to dream-based attacks. If you’re looking for more information on this fascinating race, read on!

Kalashtar 5e is able to use their own souls as weapons against those who would harm them through illusions or psychic assaults. Their ability to shape-shift also means they can easily adapt in combat situations, and some also possess an uncanny sixth sense about others’ intentions. Though kalashtar usually manifest physical traits associated with humans—white hair, pale skin, green eyes—they can also take on more striking features like horns or wings when desired.

Is it from Eberron?


Kalashtar is a race of good-aligned humanoids native to the continent of Sarlona on the planet Eberron. They are descended from humans who were abducted and possessed by good-aligned Quori spirits from the plane of Dal Quor. The Quori spirits manifested in their dreams, giving them prophetic visions.

These visions led the humans to safety during a great war on Sarlona. The Quori spirits also granted the humans psychic abilities, which they use to fight against evil. But this boon came with a price. When the elves learned that humans had been given power from an alien race, they sent out hunters to hunt down these gifted people called kalashtar. Over time, kalashtar had children with other races and those children inherited some of their elven blood as well as their telepathic powers but not all of it.

How does it act in groups?

DND Kalashtar is a natural leader and works well in groups. They are quick to take charge and get things done, but they also know how to delegate tasks and collaborate when needed. Kalashtar is always looking out for the best interests of their team, and they have a strong sense of justice.

If a team member is struggling with something or needs help with anything, the kalashtar will do whatever it takes to make sure that person succeeds. The key to this is giving them specific tasks that play into their strengths so that everyone is benefiting from the dnd 5e kalashtar’s talents.

How do its psychic abilities manifest?

Kalashtar 5e is a race of humanoids with psychic abilities. These abilities manifest in a variety of ways, including telepathy, precognition, and astral projection. Kalashtar also has the ability to resist possession by evil spirits, making them popular allies in the fight against evil.

They can be mistaken for humans at first glance because they share many physical features with humans, but if you look closely you can see that their eyes and ears are different from those of humans. The most noticeable difference is that kalashtar doesn’t have eyelids as humans do.

Where did it come from originally?

The kalashtar dnd is a spiritual race that originated in the world of Adar. They were created when the quori, an evil race of extraplanar beings, possessed a group of humanoids in order to create a new body for themselves. The quori were eventually driven out by the united will of the kalashtar, but they left their mark on the race. The dnd 5e kalashtar are now spiritually-connected people with psychic abilities.

Are there different kinds of kalashtar?


Though all kalashtar dnd are united in their cause, there are two different types of kalashtar: those that were born on the plane of Dal Quor and those that were possessed by quori spirits. The former is known as the Dreaming Dark and the latter as the Light of One.
What does kalashtar look like? (two sentences): Kalashtar has human-like bodies with long, slender fingers and almond-shaped eyes that are either blue or violet.

Do they have any weaknesses?

The kalashtar are a race of humanoids native to the realm of Sarlona. They are known for their wisdom, psionic abilities, and serenity. Though they are peaceful by nature, the kalashtar are not without their weaknesses. They are susceptible to possession by evil spirits, and their psionic abilities can be nullified by certain spells or items. Additionally, kalashtar have difficulty reproducing, which has led to their dwindling numbers in recent centuries.

How can I play one in my campaign?

The kalashtar dnd are a race of psionic humanoids from the plane of Dal Quor. They have various abilities including telepathy and precognition. Playing a kalashtar in your campaign can add an interesting dynamic, especially if you use their abilities to your advantage.

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