The 10 Best GTA 5 Car Mods

When you’re driving in the streets of Los Santos, especially when you’re about to pull off some epic GTA 5 stunt jumps, it’s good to know that your car is up to par with all the crazy stunts you want to pull off. And if you want your car to be at the top of its game, you need to find and install the best GTA 5 car mods available on the internet today! This article will teach you how to install those mods while showing you 10 incredible car mods that are sure to make your gameplay experience more fun and exciting than ever before!

1. Daytime running lights

If you’re looking to improve your car’s performance while also making it a little safer, daytime running lights are a great choice. These light bulbs emit less heat than normal headlights, so they work better in hot weather and require less energy. This can save you on gas costs—and make your car just a bit greener for our environment.

2. Custom license plates

Did you know that any combination of letters and numbers is legally acceptable on a custom license plate, as long as it’s less than 7 characters long? It’s a great little way to personalize your car and show off your personality. There are all sorts of creative possibilities with custom plates—you can use them to advertise your business or organization, highlight a cause you support or just build your own funny messages for others to see.

3. Windows tinted to Nightvision standards

Darkened windows are as much a part of the muscle-car culture as air shocks, headers, and billet accessories. Adding tint to your car’s windows not only protects you from being spied on by leering traffic cops but also completes that cool, dark look you’re going for in your vehicle. There are many window tints available, so choosing one isn’t hard.

4. Custom vinyl stickers

Custom vinyl stickers are not only cheap and easy to install, but they also open up a wide range of graphic customization options. You can have your logo or another design printed on a sticker that you then apply directly to your car windows, allowing you to change and update your branding as frequently as needed. Vinyl stickers don’t last forever, however. Depending on how often you update them, they may last one season or several years depending on where and how often you drive.

5. Rims with a bit of shine

With a bit of customization, you can change your car’s rims to make it look even more appealing. Rims play an important role in making your GTA 5 car stand out from other cars on the road, especially if you have a special style and color preferences. By adding some wheels with a bit of shine, you’ll be able to change your car’s aesthetic appeal entirely.

6. Chrome exhaust tips


Chrome exhaust tips are relatively cheap—usually less than $25—and really easy to install. There’s some debate about whether they provide any performance boost, but there’s no question they make your car look great. Chrome exhaust tips are popular with street racers and anyone looking for a little more bling. They come in pairs; one sits on each side of your car. Make sure you order ones that fit your car exactly so they don’t shake or rattle.

7. Large spoiler

One of our favorite GTA V mods includes a giant spoiler. It’s only available for supercars, and it can be yours by following these instructions: 1) Install OpenIV (installation instructions). 2) Go to x64v.rpf>levels>gta5>vehicles.

8. Carbon fiber components (bonnet, spoiler, etc.)

Carbon fiber parts are lightweight, making your vehicle’s performance slightly better. The best thing about them is their appearance—carbon fiber parts have a sporty look that can improve your car’s aesthetics.

9. Tinted windows (rear and rear sides as well)

Since you’ll spend most of your time in first-person view while driving, you’ll want to be able to see what’s going on outside of your car. It’s also helpful if you have to pull over and change clothes or switch vehicles. These tinted windows can also come in handy when participating in a street race or a police chase. The rear windows will make it harder for other drivers to get behind you, and that can help throw them off when trying to run their side missions and pulling off stunts.

10. Suspension upgrades

Adding a suspension upgrade to your car can greatly increase performance. Whether you’re looking for better control at high speeds or better maneuverability in traffic, adding a suspension upgrade is worth every penny.

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