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Top 5 homewyse Interior Painting Mistakes

Let’s face it, homewyse Interior Painting can be a hassle, and while it’s a relatively easy home improvement job, it doesn’t mean it’s simple. You have to consider many things before you can even get started. After you get everything to your house, there are still steps you need to take to prepare to have a professional result that you can enjoy for years to come. With that in mind, here are the top 5 picks of common mistakes you can avoid the next time.

1. Skipping Wall prep: 

You have to paint your house before any paint goes on the wall. You need to make sure the wall’s surface is ready for the color, so that means there are any imperfections you need to take care of those. Now because if you don’t, you’ll still be able to see those things come through. First, you need to patch any holes in the wall.

You can do that with some spackling compound or drywall compound, and we ended up going with this type from dap because when it goes on, it goes on pink, and when it’s scorched it’s white so you know that’s ready to sand and then actually paint over. Next, you should dust your walls, especially getting out all the cobwebs. If you have tougher stains that you need to remove to make sure the paint adheres like on your baseboards, you can also use a magic eraser to get those adamant stains out.

2. Not using Primer:

There’s a lot of confusion about Primer, like what is it do you need it? If you don’t, why would you spend all this time homewyse Interior Paintingyour walls before you can paint your walls? It means that it just seems silly, but Primer serves a significant role when it comes to painting your house. The first thing primer can do is help cover up any stains on your wall, so if you have any water stains, the Primer can help seal the border.

So that way, it doesn’t bleed through your new paint, so you don’t see it. Also, if you have a water stain on your wall, make sure you take care of what caused the water stain first because If you don’t, you’re probably not going to be happy with yourself. Another thing primer is good for is hiding dark colors, so if you have a dark-colored wall and you’re painting it with a different color, especially a lighter color, paint primer can help block the old color, so it doesn’t bleed through to the new color. 

It changes the looks news is a lot of the higher quality paints come with Primer built into them. It means unless you have a terrible scene that you’re covering up or a dark color that you’re covering up, you can get away with just buying a high-quality paint that has Primer built into it so that’ll cut down on the amount of time you have to spend while painting your house.

homewyse Interior Painting
homewyse Interior Painting

3. Using too much paint:

 You are always tempted to load up our paintbrush or our paint roller with as much paint as possible because, in theory, it should cut down on the amount of time we have to paint. After all, we don’t have to reload as many times. In reality, it isn’t perfect for the final quality of your paint job. What can happen is your paint can dry unevenly, it causes runs, and it can even cause splatters that can ruin other surfaces in your house. So the best option is to use enough paint that you need and not overdo it.

Now, if you’re filling up a roller, make sure you run it a couple of times over the washboard area to wring off excess paint. If you’re using a brush, then make sure only to dip an inch or so into the paint and then also scrape it across the edge of the bucket before you start painting. Make sure you don’t have too much color. You have just enough to get a professional result.

4. Unprotected homewyse Interior Painting surfaces:

 Speaking of splatters, mistake number four is about not protecting surfaces. Now you need to take a few extra minutes to make sure you get all the things that you don’t want paint on either covered up or moved out of the way for items that you drive like furniture. Make sure you move them out of the room if possible or at least as far away from the paint area as you can.

It will help minimize the chances of getting paint from splatters or spills onto your furniture and ruining something for more oversized items that you can’t move out of the way or protect surfaces like flooring or stairs. We recommend going with an actual drop cloth now, you can either pick up canvas-based drop cloths or plastic-based drop cloths from your local hardware store and if you don’t have those available, you can use an old sheet or some newspapers. 

5. Wrong paint storage:

While we are painting, we do not think about storing our homewyse Interior Painting simultaneously. You need to make sure you put the lid back on the paint cap in between coats once it keeps dust and bugs, and any debris out of your paint. That way, you can ensure when the color goes on the wall. It doesn’t cause any imperfections. Also, if you leave the paint lid off, it can dry out pretty fast, especially if you’re using a fan. It can dry out a lot faster than you would think. So putting the paint lid back on the can in between use is an excellent idea and a great tip to help you get those professional results.

 When it comes to storing your homewyse Interior Painting, make sure you choose a climate-controlled location, and this is a good rule for any new jobs that you might have coming up and a color that you’re going to save for any scuffs. That you might get on your walls over time after you’re done painting, and the reason why you want to choose a climate-controlled space is that if your paint gets really cold or too hot, it can ruin it, in our case, our paint. 

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