Ramadan Kareem

5 Best Things to do in Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem, or Ramazan, is the holy month of the Islamic calendar. It is an essential belief of Islamic teaching. In the blessed month of Ramadan, all Muslims must observe fast from dawn to sunset. Muslims are prohibited from eating, drinking, talking, or thinking about evil doings.

The Importance of Ramadan

Allah says in Quran about fasting, “O those who believe; the fasts have been enjoined upon you as were enjoined upon those before you so that you be Allah-fearing.” (Quran 2:183)

The word ‘Ramadan’ is Arabic, and Urdu’s translation means ‘extreme heat.’ The Holy Quran was also revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the Holy month of Ramadan. The primary teaching of this holy month is too fast, to seek forgiveness over evils, recite Holy Quran, and give alms.

Many articles explain the significance of Ramadan. Some websites allow reading and learning the Quran online to gain knowledge about the teaching of Islam.

Best Thing to do


Ramadan Kareem
Ramadan Kareem

Muslims must make ‘niyyah’ before observing a fast. As ‘niyyah’ means ‘to make an intention,’ it is essential to make an intention from the heart for fasting.

In a narration by a Muslim, the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said, “the reward of every (good) deed of a person is multiplied from ten to seven hundred times.”

The essential purpose of fasting is to seek Allah’s mercy. It helps the individual clean his heart and soul from evils and teaches donations, absolution, sympathy, and tolerance.

Islam is a flexible religion that makes it obligatory for Muslims to observe fast; it also grants the ability of freedom to those who are sick, old, on the journey, and unable to fast. Fasting is an approach to acquiring Allah’s forgiveness and sympathy.


Zakat is paid by a Sahib e Nisab under Islamic principles @ 2.50% per annum during the month of Ramadan. His savings in monetary terms, gold and silver, and tradeable goods according to the set principles of Islam. Zakat is referred to as arms to the poor and needy or charity. Generally, however, it is a small percentage, but All says the example of those who spend on the good cause of Allah is like the example of the seed.

 Everyone wants to know what Zakat applies to the money they have loaned or borrowed. No, As far as money is lent or borrowed or anything lent, whether gold is given on loan or silver, cash or currency, the person who owns that has to pay Zakat on it. The person who owns that borrowed money has to pay it, but the person who uses it does not have to pay Zakat. 

Reciting Quran

Ramadan Kareem
Ramadan Kareem

Reciting Quran during the month of Ramadan has great importance. Reciting Quran this month will bring them close to Allah. During fasting, one can consider the poverty and starvation of poor people.


Charity is also the main aspect of this Holy month. Charity is a means to help out poor people for the sake of Allah’s will and a means to ask for Allah’s kindness. When someone spends money in the path of Allah to assist others, then Allah definitely gives them a reward for their excellent act.

Laila – tul- Qadar

One more essential feature of Ramadan is the night of ‘Laila – tul- Qadar’ (a night which is far better than thousand nights). According to Quran and Sunnah, the night on which the Quran was completed. On this night, Muslims worldwide perform prayers, recite the Holy Quran, and do Zikr to gain Allah’s blessings and His mercy.


 In a nutshell, the above-mentioned details help understand the significance of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. Fasting provides us a way to get nearer to Allah’s sympathy and absolution. It gives us the message of helping the poor and purifies ourselves by performing praying and reciting the Quran as much as possible.

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