CVS health sql questions senior data scientists reddit

CVS health sql questions senior data scientists reddit

Working as a CVS health sql questions senior data scientists reddit can be one of the most fulfilling jobs you could ask for, but only if you’re passionate about the work you do and determined to learn everything you can about the field. Data science can apply to any number of industries, from medicine to marketing and beyond.

CVS Health recently posted this question on its Ask Me Anything subreddit in order to find out what Reddit users had to say about their experiences in the field as well as advice they had to give to other aspiring data scientists. Here are some of our favorite answers below.

1) What is the best interview question you were asked?

One of my favorite interview questions is, When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I ask it because I like to get a sense of how people’s interests have evolved over time. It also helps me understand how they think about their childhood and where they come from. If someone tells me they wanted to be a fireman when they grew up, then I know that person has some interest in helping others and isn’t afraid of some hard work!

This question is also great for getting candidates talking about themselves in an open way that makes them feel comfortable with you and your team.

2) How do you solve this problem?

This problem is based on a data set available for download from Kaggle. This is a competition for those who want to work in areas of predictive analytics or machine learning. Solving these problems will require you to answer two questions:

1) how can I classify (data into one of two groups) and

2) what are good features to use as input? These sorts of problems will require you to be comfortable with algorithms as well as interpretability, which involves understanding which features are more important than others. Good luck!

3) Tell me about a time when your work was criticized. How did you handle it?

CVS health sql questions senior data scientists reddit: Your work is never perfect. And that’s okay! I think for people who are new to an industry (or even just a new role), it can be easy to take criticism personally, but really, that’s not what employers want. They want you to understand where they’re coming from and what they expect of you. If you go into an interview with your mindset set on how can I prove them wrong? rather than how can we both do better?, then it becomes a lot more difficult to find solutions together.

That being said, don’t let yourself get bullied into doing something that goes against your morals or values — if someone asks you to do something unethical or illegal in order to advance at your company, for example, then don’t do it!

4) Why are manhole covers round?

The purpose of a manhole cover is to contain and control fires that occur within, so it needs to be able to withstand large amounts of pressure as well as being thick enough for safety. Round covers are better able to handle these demands than covers with other shapes. For example, covers made from concrete weigh more than ten times more per square foot than those made from metal, so they require thicker walls and stronger frames.

5) If you had $100,000 to launch a startup, what would you do?

Startups are risky ventures and most don’t make it, but if you’re still committed to starting a company (and believe me, I’m rooting for you!), there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success. Here are 11 ways to minimize your risk and set yourself up for success: [LINK]

6) How have you made an impact on your team in your current role?

I’ve made an impact on my team by being proactive and asking questions. I truly believe in leading from the front and not necessarily from a position of authority. When there is a problem I like to ask for input and ideas so we can solve it together as a team instead of just throwing orders at people. For example, when we were having issues with our current database, I asked what they would do if they were me. They came up with some great solutions that led us to using another database which ultimately saved us thousands of dollars per year.

7) Are you a leader or a manager?

It’s probably worth stating that it’s much easier to transition from being a leader to a manager than it is to become a leader. Onboarding new employees into leadership roles takes experience and a track record of success as well as an understanding of organizational dynamics. However, if you are adept at guiding others, then becoming a manager could be right for you. A good way to find out if you are cut out for management is with your supervisor or in training courses geared toward managers and leaders.

8) What quality or skill do you most admire in other people?

CVS health sql questions senior data scientists reddit
CVS health sql questions senior data scientists reddit

People who are empathetic and genuinely care about others. It’s so important to be kind to one another and treat each other with respect. People who do that will always come out on top. Being in tune with others around you makes you a better person, and when you help someone else you feel good as well.

There is no greater feeling than helping someone in need! I admire people who have empathy for others because it takes such strength of character to actually put yourself into another person’s shoes and see things from their perspective. It takes a strong individual to acknowledge that we are all human beings living on this planet together; there is no them vs. us or I vs. them mentality—we are all in it together!

Reddit data science interview questions

Common Data Science Interview Questions: The following is an example of a list of common SQL interview questions, asked by most companies that use databases. Try to solve them before you proceed further.

1) Write a query to find all suppliers which have two or more branches and also lists down their branch names.

2) Write a query to display total employees with no of employees at each branch office location.

3) For each store within a region, what was its opening date?

4) What are top 5 products in terms of sales for each supplier in North America?

5) How many customers bought product A and B together in last month?

Data science technical interview questions

What is R? What is Hadoop? What are Spark and Kafka? If you’re interviewing for a data science role and have these basic concepts in your arsenal, you’ll do just fine. Also brush up on some of Python’s key libraries, which you should be comfortable working with — pandas and matplotlib are two of them.

The other important thing to keep in mind when preparing for an interview is that most companies ask behavioral questions to get a sense of how you approach problems. You want to prepare stories or anecdotes about projects or tasks where you were faced with an ambiguous situation and had to figure out what to do next. (For more on behavioral interviews, check out our guide.)

Reddit data scientist interview

Reddit has conducted more than 200 interviews with prospective and current employees in order to better understand its unique corporate culture. One of Reddit’s founders, Steve Huffman, explained that Reddit employs a nontraditional interview process that encourages candidates to be honest about their experiences and goals. We try not to ask a lot of brainteaser or logic riddle type questions, he said. We don’t believe they serve a useful purpose in an interview.

Microsoft data scientist interview Reddit

If you’ve read about life as a data scientist or about what it’s like to be interviewed for a job in big tech, then you know that most of them have some algorithm problems. So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of interview questions I actually got asked while applying for jobs at different companies. Since each company is unique and may care more or less about different things, I focused on question categories (algorithms, probability) and not specific technologies.

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