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Defining data-driven content marketing

Even though content marketing has been around since 2011, it is still a buzzword that many are unfamiliar with, let alone understand how to implement into their digital marketing strategy. At its core, content marketing is about creating valuable information and sharing it with your target audience through various media channels to establish trust and credibility. In other words: You create content for your target audience —

NOT for search engines! Content can take many forms, including blogs, ebooks, infographics or videos. The most important thing is to make sure you are providing value in whatever form you choose. After all, if you don’t have anything valuable to say or offer, then why would anyone want to read your content?

Defining how it’s different than other types of content

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial that your content not just look great—it also needs to act great. Rich content is a term often used to describe material like videos, graphics and interactive widgets that immerse your audience in information and help them engage with what you have to say at deeper levels than plain text alone could ever allow. Not sure where to start? Check out these six simple ways to add rich media to your site.

(Hint: It doesn’t involve hiring an army of developers.)

That all said, don’t be fooled into thinking rich content requires expensive tools or extensive technical skills. Many powerful tools are available for free or low-cost—and much easier to use than most people think. Simple things like adding interactive maps, charts and slideshows can go a long way toward giving your audience a better experience on your site… all while improving search engine optimization results as well!

Understanding its value to your business

Businesses use what’s called a PVP: pricing, value proposition, and volume to gauge whether they should launch a product. For example, if you already sell laptop cases for $30 and you want to release a new version, you need to find out how much consumers are willing to pay for it—and if they prefer your original product or some other brand altogether.

If customers think your case is worth more than $40 but less than $50, that means you have room to raise prices without losing customers. You can also check out Amazon reviews of similar products to get a sense of what customers like and don’t like about them.

Identifying opportunities for incorporating it into your overall strategy

Start by building a strong website that describes your business, products, and services in detail. Then incorporate Google Analytics to track activity on your site and get a better picture of what is driving sales leads for you and where visitors are going when they leave your site (which could be valuable data for content creation).

And don’t forget about YouTube; it offers unlimited video storage to host all of your company’s product demonstrations and how-to videos. If you want to give people an inside look at your business, consider creating a series of instructional videos for customers. They can even help build brand awareness—and drive traffic back to your site—by offering tips or answering common questions through tutorials or how-to guides.,Determining if it’s right for you, based on what you’re trying to accomplish with your content
A meta-analysis from 2008 compared 16 studies that compared static stretching (aiming to elongate muscles) with dynamic stretching (aiming to warm up and energize muscles), with a third control group not stretching at all.

They found that static stretching reduced force production, speed of movement and jump height, which may make you more prone to injury. Dynamic stretching did not have these negative effects but has not been shown to reduce injuries either. In other words: If your goal is to prevent injury, it’s better to stretch before exercising; if your goal is performance enhancement, choose whichever type of stretching feels good to you.

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