Apple Bottoms Jeans Review

Apple Bottoms Jeans Review

According to hip hop star Nelly, the designer and proprietor of Apple Bottoms Jeans, “A woman should not try to fit the clothes, the clothes should fit the woman.”

Apple Bottoms Jeans:

This is the sales pitch that has endeared Apple Bottoms brand to hundreds of thousands of women worldwide including celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Vivica A.

Fox and Ashanti:

Fox and Ashanti amongst other hordes of superstars. But, are Apple Bottoms Jeans really worth the hype they received over the last couple of years?

Hence, if you are surfing for review on Apple Bottom Jeans, you will find this article quite an interesting read. To find out more, keep reading to the very end.

Year of introof Apple Bottom Jeans:

Apple Bottom Jeans Clothing line was introduced  in the year 2003 into the market. The main purpose for this brand is to target the women. Women  who have curvaceous figures but somehow have not managed to find the right design that fits into their figures.

Motto of the Apple Bottom:

Apple Bottoms Jeans
Apple Bottoms Jeans

The motto of the Apple Bottom brand is ‘Curvy’. To better understand this motor, you need to look at the main objective of designing the Apple Bottoms brand.

According to the designers, they wanted denim that would honor the organic shape and profile of a woman.

For years, majorities of women had to contend fitting into clothes rather than clothes fitting in them.

However, this can change the moment when it was launched in the market.

Participation in the design process:

In contrast to other celebrities who launch clothing lines but fail to participate in the design process, Nelly directly supervises all the designs made by the brand. This in turn ensures that every woman who dresses in Apple Bottoms denim wears feels special.

The Apple Bottom Brand is easily identifiable from the other designs in the market with its signature logo of an apple which is meticulously sewn on the back pocket of the denim wear.

A hip hop and stylish fit:

The Apple Bottom Brand can be classified as a hip hop and casual stylish fit. Then, it can easily labeled as street attire again. The denim wear blends figure clasping materials such as Lycra in good proportion so as to ensure comfort and airiness.

International recognition:

Apple Bottoms Jeans
Apple Bottoms Jeans

In comparison to other brands that search for international recognition by opting to hire a household name to act as its brand ambassador, Apple-Bottom Jeans clothing line attained its global reputation by holding a search drive with an aim of identifying a brand ambassador.

The number of channels:

The campaign was aired in a number of channels. As it searched for a model to promote its brand, the entire world gazed in amazement at this distinctive brand.

Within 2 weeks of holding its campaign, Apple-Bottom Jeans clothes line managed to sell its entire collection.

Curves and silhouettes:

There are a number of celebrities who have resorted to wearing the brand out of their own volition given the manner in which it brings out their curves and silhouettes. Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Ashanti and Vivica A.

America next top model:

Fox is just but some of the well-known celebrities that sport Apple Bottom Jeans. Furthermore, the clothing line has also featured on a number TV shows like Ellen DeGeneres Show, America’s Next Top Model and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Alike most common jeans manufactured today, the waist jeans also have similar potential, trademark plus points. Similar to most jeans, waist jeans will also be immensely durable. No varying material, other than denim has ever proven or will ever prove to be ideal for the construction of any jeans. 

Purpose of Design of Apple Bottom Jeans Review:

Jeans were actually mainly designed to be work attire at the start. Yet eventually they become the style statements and fashion accessories. A good example of this would certainly be the waist jeans. Another specific trait of jeans is the comfort they are able to furnish to the wearer.

Eventually the women moved on towards other clothing that was suitable for them and hence others also followed in their footsteps, leaving the waist jeans back in time.

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