Machine is used for a hydra facial: Both the Flawless & Impress facial treatments use an electric machine to draw down on the skin, leaving a smoother, fuller appearance. They are applied in specific sections of the face, one right after another, and each one lasts around 20 minutes. Both treatments involve gently massaging a cotton ball soaked in the chosen serum to the skin.

You’ll get up to 15 applications over a period of one month (more in the winter, less in the summer) in a series of 10, 3-minute treatments twice a week. A 3-minute face massage is only about half the time of the full 15-minute sessions, and you will have a short amount of downtime between each treatment.

The Hydra Facial Machine is designed and constructed to reach great results at home. In a nutshell, you can use this gadget to create system-implemented wrinkles.

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Hydra Facial Machine


A machine is a hydraulic machine. It is a small flat metal machine with a roll cage at one end and a facial element at the other.

There are two jacks at the front of the machine. One jack moves up and down (hydraulic), and the other jack moves up and down (facial). There are two hoses at the end of the machine. One hose moves up and down and is used to move the facial element into the barrel of the machine, and the other hose moves up and down.

I use the machine to lift the face elements into the barrel of the device. The facial element is a mirror with a clamp at the end, which holds and holds the face element (usually a small facial pad, such as one from the Skin Rx Skincare Serum Set). When the facial element is in the barrel, the facial element is moved into the barrel of the machine. If the face element is not already in the barrel, it is attached by the clamp.

You don’t have to apply all of the face oils (including those under your eyes and nose) to your face before the machine is used. The machine is made for the application of several different facial oils. You can do other facial treatments first, or you can do the machine while applying your facial oils. After the facial elements are set, you apply moisturizer to the face. The machine works well for all facial treatments.

This machine has a low profile. It fits into most home bathrooms, but I would be concerned about moving it out of your home bathroom if it were very large or if you wanted to use it to apply facial treatments in other rooms of the house. If the facial element is so big that it covers your whole bathroom, I would consider using the machine while doing other facial treatments at home.

The facial machine has a controller and a microphone. You don’t have to be at home to operate the facial machine. You can use the facial machine at a spa, or any spa.

Hydra facial machine technical specifications

A hydra facial machine operates by generating deep and highly effective suction in order to draw excess skin up, creating the appearance of smoother skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines. A hydraulic chamber is where the water or anti-wrinkle serum is then heated and vaporized so that it can penetrate into the skin for an even more effective treatment… You can also use HYDRAFACIALTM as a stand-alone device to perform treatments that range from exfoliation to dermatological treatment. The FDA approved this innovative technology because it will keep your skin looking youthful, radiant, and healthier.

A hydra facial machine operating by generating deep and highly effective suction in order to draw excess skin up, creates the appearance of smoother skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Hydraulic chambers operate in such a way that they heat water/anti wrinkle serum to create steam which penetrates deeper into the skin’s surface. Hydra Facial Machines were granted FDA approval due to their ability to keep skin looking younger and healthier.

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