Kite Runner Written By Khaled Hosseini

The Characters Of The Kite Runner Written By Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner Written By Khaled Hosseini: At its heart, The Kite Runner could be a story of affection and betrayal, fathers and sons, smart and evil, and also the grey area in between. Here square measure the key Characters:-


The verbalizer and also the protagonist of the story. ameer is the sensitive and intelligent son of a comfortable businessperson in the capital of Afghanistan, and he grows up with a way of claiming.

His relief is Hassan, and he goes back and forth between acting as a loyal friend and assaulting Hassan out of jealousy whenever Hassan receives Amir’s father’s warmheartedness. ameer could be a talented storyteller and grows from an aspiring author to a printed writer.

His nice need to please his father is the primary motivation for his behavior early in the novel, and it’s the most reason he permits Hassan to be raped. From that time forward, he’s driven by his feelings of guilt as he searches to seek out the simplest way to redeem himself. Ultimately he will therefore through spirit and selflessness, and he tells his story in a style of penance.


Amir’s relief and brother yet as a servant of Baba’s. Hassan proves himself a loyal friend to ameer repeatedly, defending ameer once he’s attacked and invariably being able to listen.

His shaping traits square measure bravery, selflessness, and intelligence, although his smarts square measure additional instinctual than scholarly, mostly as a result of his being uneducated. As a poor ethnic Hazara, he’s thought-about associate degree inferior in Afghan society, and he’s the victim of racism throughout the novel as a result.

he’s Baba’s bastard, although he’s not conscious of this reality, and he grows up with Ali acting as his father. His rape is an associate degree early catalyst within the story, and even if he’s not gifted in a very good portion of the novel, he plays a significant role throughout.



Father of ameer and Hassan and a rich, well-respected businessperson. cake believes 1st and foremost in doing what’s right and thinking for oneself, and he tries to impart these qualities to ameer. He conjointly ne’er lets anyone’s lack of belief in him stop him from accomplishing his goals.

though he distrusts nonsecular Protestantism, he follows his own ethical code and acts with confidence and bravado. once necessary, he’s even willing to risk his life for what he believes in. nonetheless his shame at having a toddler with a Hazara lady leads him to cover the very fact that Hassan is his son. as a result he cannot love Hassan overtly, he’s somewhat distant toward ameer and is usually arduous on him, th



Acting father to Hassan and a servant of Baba’s. Ali is outlined by his modesty quite something, and he’s employed diligently as Baba’s servant. He loves Hassan deeply, although he seldom expresses his emotions externally. Poor associate degree and an ethnic Hazara, he suffers from partial dysfunction of his face and walks with a limp caused by infantile paralysis.


Son of Hassan and Farzana. In many ways, Sohrab acts as a substitute for Hassan within the novel, and he’s a central focus of the plot within the later sections of the book. he’s conjointly associated degree ethnic Hazara and is nice with a plaything. His character arc takes him from being a traditional very little boy to the traumatized victim of sexual and physical abuse, and he goes from speaking little or no to not in the slightest degree.



Hassan’s and Sohrab’s aggressors and also the novel’s antagonists. Assef represents all things wrong in the Islamic State of Afghanistan. A racist United Nations agency needs to disembarrass the Islamic State of Afghanistan of Hazaras, he’s incapable of self-reproach and enjoys inflicting violence and regulatory offense on those that square measure swamped. He even claims Der Fuhrer as a task model.


Rahim Khan

Friend of cake and ameer. Rahim Khan is Baba’s nighest friend, and also the one-man United Nations agency that is aware of all of Baba’s secrets. For Amir, he serves as a father figure, usually giving ameer the eye he craves and filling the holes left by Baba’s emotional distance.


Amir’s driver and friend. A former force fighter, Farid is initially gruff and unfriendly. however, he becomes a valuable and dependable friend to ameer in Amir’s search to seek out and rescue Sohrab. he’s missing toes and fingers from a landmine explosion and represents the difficulties that several Afghans long-faced within the years of warfare that ravaged the country.


Hassan’s mother and Ali’s spouse for a time. although Sanaubar is infamously immoral in her youth and abandons Hassan simply when he’s born, she proves herself a caring grannie to Sohrab once she reappears later in the novel.


Amir’s spouse. Soraya is steady, intelligent, and invariably there for ameer once he desires her. she will be able to be stubborn like her father, General Taheri, and deplores the approach ladies square measure usually treated in Afghan culture.

General Taheri

Soraya’s father and a lover of cake. General Taheri is proud of the purpose of vanity now and then, and he places nice worth on upholding Afghan traditions. he’s in many ways the stereotyped Afghan male, each in his roles as a father and husband.

JamilaGeneral Taheri’s spouse and Soraya’s mother. Jamila plays the part of the standard Afghan spouse and mother. She obeys her husband while not questioning and needs nothing quite to envision her female offspring married.


A boy from Amir’s and Hassan’s neighborhood. faint and conformist, Kamal helps Assef rape, Hassan. when he’s raped himself, he becomes a logo of the brutality that destroys the Islamic State of Afghanistan.


Soraya’s uncle. once Sharif 1st seems, he’s simply a minor figure at Soraya’s and Amir’s wedding. Later, however, he becomes instrumental in serving to induce Sohrab into us.

Sofia Akrami

Amir’s mother. although Serdica died throughout childbearing, ameer is aware of she wanted literature as he will. ameer seeks data concerning her at varied points within the novel.


Hassan’s spouse and Sohrab’s mother. Farzana seems sole in short, however therein time she is represented as a fond mother.

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