SUMMARY OF THE KITE RUNNER BY Khaled Hosseini: Khaled Hosseini’s debut novel, The Kite Runner, was printed in 2003, 2 years once the events of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the planet Trade Center in the big apple and also the North American nation invasion of the Islamic State of {afghanistan|Asian country|Asian nation}. Hosseini, the son of a diplomat for the Afghan Foreign Ministry, was born in the capital of Afghanistan, Afghanistan, and resettled to France as a toddler.

once an Asian country was thrown into turmoil by the Soviet occupation at the peak of the conflict, Hosseini’s family was granted asylum within the u. s. and settled in San Jose, California. Decades later, upon reading that the religious movement had unlawful kite fighting in an Asian country, Hosseini enclosed a brief story he later enlarged into the novel The Kite Runner. This study guide is predicated on the 2020 Kindle edition of the book.

The Plot Summary

Hosseini divides his book into 3 sections to inform Amir’s story. we tend to get our childhood years in the capital of Afghanistan, the capital of an Asian country. Then he tells the story of his expatriation to America as a young adult, and also the novel ends with a comeback to his home country.

Part One

Amir grew up in an exceedingly swank house in the capital of Afghanistan. His family is rich enough to possess live-in servants: a father and son try of Ali and Hassan. emir’s mama died in parturition to Amir, ANd since Hassan was additionally a babe, they shared a constant wet nurse; a lady employed to lactate the babies.

They grew up to be bosom companions. See what I did there?
The only hitch – emir was born a Pashtun, and Hassan was born a Hazara. This area unit 2 ethnic teams in Asian countries, however, they are not equal. The Pashtun area unit is abundant larger and a lot sceptered, and Hazara gets treated like inferior voters.

Even though emir had all the benefits growing up, he ne’er got very getting ready to his father, Baba, a neighborhood legend. the cake looks like the servant’s son, Hassan, over his own son. Hmm. Hassan – showy, super nice, loyal. emir – forceless, into poetry, quite a jerk. does not appear to be that arduous of a choice…

Amir comes up with an inspiration to win his father’s tenderness. He enters the native kite fighting competition, which is simply passionate about it sounds: kite-on-kite fighting action. See, kites in the Asian country are not simply pretty squares of paper that bog down in trees. They coat the strings in tar and broken glass and simulate combat with them. Winners get to stay any kites they down.

A kite runner is that the guy WHO chases down and collects the fallen kites for the winner. Hassan agrees to be the kite runner for the emir, WHO astonishingly wins the tournament! and there is your title for the book.
As Hassan chases down a kite, he runs into Assef and his crew. These brutal bullies have caught a Hazara child alone in AN alley, and they plan to vent their racist aggression by raping him. emir shows up whereas Hassan is being raped by Assef, however, he is too afraid to square up with his sidekick.

Here is emir narrating that moment within the novel: ‘I had one last probability to form a choice. One final chance to choose WHO I used to be planning to be. I may step into that alley, rise for Hassan – the manner he’d stood up Pine Tree State|on behalf of me} all those times within the past – and settle for no matter what would happen to me. Or I may run. In the end, I ran.’

Hassan, the angelic child that he’s, finds some way to induce past the incident, however, amir fully cannot bear his guilt. on every occasion amir sees Hassan, he gets injured in the guts with guilt. So, will he confess to his friend and beg forgiveness? euphemism, no! Instead, he hides a stack of money underneath Hassan’s pad and frames him for stealing.

Hassan is aware of straight off WHO the $64000 crook is, however even once two-faced with these terrible accusations, he remains pure and true. He is aware of cake and would hate emir for framing somebody, therefore Hassan admits to stealing – all to save lots of his sidekick, the guy WHO witnessed his rape and ne’er aforesaid a word.

Part Two

With war threatening to trash their country, swayer and cake run to America. swayer adapts well, however, the cake has hassle. he is not the living legend he was in the national capital. They barely build ends meet, however on the intense facet, swayer falls enamored and gets married.
Amir grows up in a very flush social unit in the national capital, the capital town of an Asian country. national capital prospers throughout his childhood. swayer and cake square measure ethnic Pashtuns, however, Baba’s womb-to-tomb servant, Ali, is associated with ethnic Hazara (a cluster of individuals that has long-faced a lot of discrimination).

Despite being friends, cake and Ali terribly clearly occupy terribly completely different social statuses, and this is often shown through the connection between swayer and Ali’s son Hassan. though the boys square measure each unparented, shared a wet nurse, and square measure best friends, Hassan could be a servant and isn’t even schooled to scan. swayer reads completely different stories to Hassan; Hassan’s favorite considerations a personality named Sohrab.

As they grow, swayer realizes that cake doesn’t approve of Amir’s softer temperament, however, will approve of Hassan’s bravery. Hassan defends swayer from bullies, typically threatening a very vile one named Assef with a catapult. Hassan is gifted with a catapult and tells Assef he can shoot his eye out if he troubles swayer. swayer and Hassan have an excellent love of kite flying. Since cake loves kite fighting competitions, swayer hopes that if he wins a contest, the cake can approve of him finally.

Kite fighting could be a widespread sport in Asian countries and involves cutting the lines of different kites together with your own kite
During the competition, Hassan runs to gather the kites swayer takes down; he tells swayer that “for you” he can love “a thousand-fold over.” Assef is maddened that swayer has done thus well within the contest and decides to attack and mortify Hassan in revenge; specifically, he rapes Hassan. swayer witnesses the assault, however, is simply too panicky to intervene.

Amir loathes himself for not intervening however comes this self-disgust onto Hassan. He begins to tug far from his friend, and Hassan blames himself. swayer tries to electrify Hassan into defending himself against swayer by throwing things at him and insulting him, however, Hassan doesn’t fight back and Amir’s self-disgust solely will increase. Knowing his father hates stealing especially different crimes, swayer frames Hassan for stealing to urge cake to send Hassan away. However, the cake is willing to forgive Hassan anyway, however, Ali (whom Hassan confided in) tells the cake that he and Hassan square measure going away national capital. swayer ne’er sees Hassan alive once more.

Part Three

Baba’s friend Rahim Khan reaches bent on swayer and asks him to come back to West Pakistan. There, he tells swayer that Ali wasn’t Hassan’s biological father; instead, the cake had slept with Ali’s spouse, and Hassan is Amir’s blood brother. Rahim conjointly tells him Hassan is dead.
Years earlier, Rahim Khan asked Hassan and his spouse to maneuver in with him at Baba’s previous house.

They did this. when the Taleban took management of the national capital, the Taleban suspect them of stealing the property, actuated partially by Hassan’s Hazara quality. The Taleban then died each Hassan and his spouse. Their son, a boy named Sohrab (the name of Hassan’s favorite character in a very story swayer scan to him as a child), has been placed in an associate orphanage. Rahim Khan tells swayer that there’s still an opportunity for swayer to redeem himself by rescuing Sohrab from the orphanage.

However, Sohrab isn’t in the orphanage. Instead, Sohrab has been taken by a Taleban leader World Health Organization seems to be Assef, constant one World Health Organization maltreated Hassan years agone. Assef sexually abuses Sohrab and, once confronted by swayer, tells him that if swayer will beat Assef in a very physical fight, he will escape with Sohrab. swayer refuses to run and is badly overwhelmed. Sohrab intervenes and shoots Assef’s eye out, rather like Hassan had been vulnerable to try and do decades previously.

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