How do I check my e-file return

How do I check my e-file return?

To check the e-file return, log in to the e-Return system. Discover the steps, verify your income tax return, and check the status of your e-file return system.

How Do I Check My e-file Return?

Submitted your tax return and now looking for ways how to check your e-file return? With the help of modern technology, a person can fill out the form and check the status of the e-returns BD file easily at home without any hassle.

If you are a first time, the following guide will help you to check the status of the e-file return system. Follow step by step and know the current condition of your income tax return.

Sign in with the e-Return System

First, go to Google’s website. From the search bar, type “e return”. Click on the first link that appears.

Also, you can visit the website by clicking on the link Then follow the steps to sign in –

  1. Enter the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN).
  2. Type the password that you used for registration.
  3. Correctly type the captcha. If you need help understanding the captcha. Click it, and you can find a new captcha code to enter.
  4. Click on the Sign In button to enter the dashboard of the e-return system.

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Overview of the e- Return Dashboard

After logging in, you will enter the e-return system. The dashboard has a menu bar on the left side of the panel. You will find there are 4 options in the menu bar.

  • Home: The home page of the e-Return system. If you have any notice, you will see it on the home page.
  • Return Submission: This option indicates whether you have submitted your tax return or not. If you have not submitted the form, then a form will appear. But if you have submitted an income tax return, when you click the Return Submission button, you will see a red message on the right side of the dashboard. It says, ‘You have already submitted your return online.
  • Tax Record: If you click on the Tax Record, you will see 4 options. 
  • Tax Certificate
  • Acknowledgment
  • Return
  • Challan
  • Time Extension: This option is required when an individual tax user fails to fill out the form in time. It will give a time extension to fill up the form. 

Check the e-File Return.

After you have submitted the income tax return, you want to check the status of your income tax. How can you check it? 

  • Click on the Tax Record option. Then click on the Return option. 
  • You will see the form that you have submitted showing on the dashboard. A Reference ID and all of the information that you have provided will be displayed. 
  • A verification and signature box will mention that all the information and statements you provided are correct. A print button is displayed at the bottom right corner of the dashboard. Click it and save it as PDF.
  • Moreover, if you click on the tax certificate, you can check and download the Income Tax Certificate. You can download and print it as a hard copy for future purposes. There is a scan code at the end of the form. It implies you can scan and download the code anytime, anywhere.
  • Also, you can check the acknowledgment if you click on the Acknowledgement button.
  • Check the Income Tax Return Submission File 
  • You can check the income tax return file in another way.  
  • Click on the link You will see a page appears of the National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh. 

Follow the steps below to check the income tax return.

  1. Click for which year you want to check the income tax return. If you want to check the income tax year for 2021-2022, click “2021-2022.”
  2. Enter the TIN 
  3. Type the captcha code in the box.
  4. Click on the Verify button.

You will see the name of the taxpayer and the TIN. After that, a green text says, “Return has been submitted for the Assessment year 2021-2022.” 

If you have not submitted it or there are some errors, a red text says, “Return has not been submitted for the Assessment year 2021-2022.”

After that, there is a print button. You can download the file and print it as a hard copy. 


Checking the e-file return in Bangladesh is quite easy. As it is online, you can complete the process in the office or at home. Follow the steps in this guide to verify the status easily. If you need clarification while checking, you can always consult a qualified tax professional if needed.

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