Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Inside the Intense Ten Days Following the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era, as the monarch who has held England’s throne for more than 66 years passed on to the next world. The queen’s passing will leave behind a newly empty royal seat—and quite a bit of planning and preparation to be done in anticipation of her funeral. Here’s what you need to know about what happens next in the days following Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

: What happens over the next 10 days?

  • Queen’s coffin moved to the ballroom at Balmoral Castle in Scotland
  • Coffin carried from the Balmoral Ballroom
  • King Charles III and the Queen Consort will go to Holyrood
  • Queen’s coffin will leave St. Giles’ Cathedral
  • The coffin arrives at London’s St. Pancras Station
  • Elizabeth’s body will be taken from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster
  • World leaders begin to arrive to pay their respects
  • Final well-wishers will be admitted to Westminster Hall to pay their respects

Queen Elizabeth II’s Cause of Death Finally Revealed

The Queen’s death has been met with an outpouring of grief from her subjects, but it’s not just the British public who are upset by the news – it turns out that even her own family had no idea that she was going to die quite so soon! In honor of this monumental event, here’s a quick look at the cause of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II
Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The Official Announcement

Catherine Southon, the Queen’s former secretary has said that a lengthy battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis is the likely cause of death. Elizabeth had suffered from breathing problems for a long time. I think we all knew it was coming, Southon told BBC News. She added It was very sudden but she would have been aware that she had not long left. The Queen died at Buckingham Palace on Thursday morning at 10:25 BST at the age of ninety-six.

The Queen’s Health Throughout Her Reign

Death of Queen Elizabeth II
Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth has had various health issues. At one point she was treated for exhaustion with antibiotics in 1992, and she also battled a painful back condition called sciatica. The first time the public was made aware of the extent of her medical problems was after she had an abdominal operation in June 2003 to remove bladder stones.

Recent Hospital Visits

In the last few years, she has undergone a number of medical treatments and hospitalizations. She had not been seen in public since 2016 after being hospitalized for pneumonia. At Christmas that year, her son and heir Prince Charles represented her at a church service, which led to rumors she was either gravely ill or had died. But there were no official statements from Buckingham Palace on her condition or whereabouts.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II
Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal Funeral Details

In a statement released on behalf of the queen, it was announced that Her Majesty had passed away peacefully in her sleep on Thursday. It is understood she died at the Royal Lodge in Windsor following complications from a recent illness. The statement said: The queen has passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Who Will Be the Next King or Queen?

When Queen Elizabeth II dies, her son, Prince Charles, becomes King. Once he ascends to the throne, the most likely next in line to be king or queen is his eldest son and heir apparent Prince William.

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