Why You Need To Cleaning Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are probably one of the most important organs in your body, but you may not realize just how important they are until something goes wrong with them. When kidney function declines over time, you could experience issues with fluid retention, chronic pain and many other things that might prompt you to go to the doctor and have it checked out.

Cleaning your kidneys isn’t just about preventing serious health problems down the road; cleaning your kidneys can also help to keep your skin clear, boost immunity and even improve hormonal balance in the body, helping you feel more energetic and able to make it through your day with no problems at all.

What are your kidneys, what do they do and how do they work

Cleaning Your Kidneys

They are two bean-shaped organs that are located in your lower back on either side of your spine. Their job is to remove waste from your blood. Every day, they produce about 1.5 quarts (1.4 liters) of urine, which flows into your bladder through a tube called a ureter. Then it’s expelled through another tube called the urethra as you go to the bathroom. The kidneys filter all of your blood—about 180 quarts (160 liters)—every day.

The waste products and extra fluid are sent out through tubes called nephrons. Each kidney has more than one million nephrons, each one filtering about one drop of blood every second! That’s a lot of work for such small organs! This means that if something goes wrong with your kidneys, like an infection or injury, it can quickly become life threatening.

Effects of kidney disease

Before you start looking into how cleaning your kidneys, it’s important to understand why they need washing in the first place. According to Healthline, kidneys are responsible for filtering out waste and toxic substances from your body. If they fail to do so effectively, they can become clogged with a variety of harmful toxins and waste products. These impurities can lead to potentially fatal kidney disease.

In fact, as many as 50 percent of people who suffer from chronic kidney disease die within five years of diagnosis. The most common causes of death include heart failure and infections. With that said, if you have existing kidney issues or are at risk for developing them, it’s vital that you learn how to clean your kidneys before any further damage is done. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to accomplish this task—and keep your health on track along the way!

Importance of kidney care

It is clear that without your kidneys, you wouldn’t be able to function normally. They are responsible for filtering out excess fluid, minerals and chemicals from your blood. Failure to keep them clean can lead to inflammation and a host of diseases such as cysts, kidney stones and more. In essence, in order to cleanse your body it is important to Cleaning Your Kidneys a thorough cleaning every once in a while. However there are certain foods that help support healthy kidneys naturally so take a look at these

Reasons for Kidney Disease & Damage

Cleaning Your Kidneys
Cleaning Your Kidneys

More than 5 million people in America have chronic kidney disease, and at least 90 percent of them don’t know it. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a general term for a group of conditions that are characterized by damage to your kidneys over many years.

CKD can be caused by long-term high blood pressure, diabetes, or other disorders that cause an imbalance in your body’s fluids. The damage can lead to loss of kidney function. If you have any signs or symptoms associated with CKD, you should see your doctor right away because early detection and treatment may help slow down further progression of disease.

Ways to protect your kidney health

Though we tend to focus on heart and brain health, kidneys are crucial to our body’s overall function. They regulate water levels, remove waste products from blood and produce hormones that help your body regulate blood pressure. If you think about it, it makes sense that kidney disease can be a byproduct of high blood pressure or diabetes. Both of these conditions can put too much stress on your kidneys; in fact, one study found that kidney disease is nearly twice as common in patients with diabetes than in those without.

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