Princess's Guide to Saving Dragons

A Princess’s Guide to Saving Dragons: 5 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Dragon

A Princess’s Guide to Saving Dragons, You may be the daughter of a king, but you have no idea how to take care of dragons. Fortunately, someone has written an exhaustive guide on how to properly and safely care for your dragon companion.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything from the best sleeping quarters to the right types of food to feed your pet dragon. Not only will your dragon live longer and healthier with these tips, but they will also be more happy and more content with their living situation. With such simple tips, you’ll quickly become the go-to princess for caring for your dragon companion!

Play with your dragon often

Playing with your dragon should be an integral part of his/her day. Keeping your dragon stimulated through games and playtime will help him/she stay healthy and happy. Always use caution when playing with dragons.

They may be domesticated, but they are still wild animals that can lash out unpredictably if they feel threatened or out of control. One wrong move could lead to injury or worse. Never place yourself in front of the mouth of the dragon, especially during feeding time! You don’t want to end up on the menu.

 Princess's Guide to Saving Dragons
Princess’s Guide to Saving Dragons

A Princess’s Guide to Saving Dragons, Be sure to take care not to overstimulate them either by giving them too many toys at once or by providing their favorite one all the time. As a last piece of advice, don’t take it personally if your dragon doesn’t want you touching him/her sometimes- even after all this care! Be especially careful around the wings and tail as these parts have sensitive nerve endings which, if struck hard enough, can cause paralysis.

You might also consider setting up designated areas in your home where you let your dragon roam free-range during the day (like on a balcony) so he/she has room to explore their natural instincts.

Keep your dragon healthy

Dragons need their environments to be as consistent as possible. Change too much too often and your dragon will get stressed and its immune system won’t work at its best. This can lead to health problems like arthritis or skin conditions. If you’re going on vacation, try not to go when it would interfere with the dragon clock and give them a few days before and after in order to adjust.

The other important thing is to make sure your dragons have good diets. The different types of dragons eat different things, so make sure you research what your specific type needs before feeding them anything else! If they start eating something unusual, it might just be that they’re hungry for something else instead!
Lastly, take care of yourself!

Feed your dragon properly

Dragons are kind of like cars – they need regular maintenance. Feeding your dragon properly is vital to their long-term health and happiness. First and foremost, feeding your dragon too much is bad. Many dragons feel that the more they eat the better; this is not true!

The frequency of feeding your dragons depends on their weight and activity level; if your dragon needs fewer calories than the other dragons in its cage then it will not require as many feedings as them.

If you are unsure how often to feed your dragon, consult with an expert or your vet. Be mindful of what you’re feeding them: Some people think that offering a variety of food options is good for their pets, but this isn’t always the case. In some cases, offering too many different types of food can lead to health problems because no one type is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Give your dragon a room to relax in

A Princess’s Guide to Saving Dragons, Your dragon has been fighting in battles all day. No one could ever say they’re not helpful when needed. At the end of the day though, all dragons need their time to relax and take care of themselves before jumping back into another battle.

There are few creatures as big and majestic as dragons. If you have the chance to care for one or more of these creatures, here are some tips on keeping them happy and healthy!

Give your dragon plenty of room. Don’t cage it up or make it share its living space with other pets. Ideally, dragons should have their own yard or indoor space where they can run around and stretch their wings without bothering the other household pets. Make sure there is plenty of room inside so they can move around freely while flying if they want to. They’ll be happier and healthier this way, too!

Be patient when feeding your dragon: You don’t want to feed your dragon an overabundance of food because that can lead to obesity. In order to prevent this from happening, go easy on how much you feed it at any given mealtime. It will help them maintain a healthy weight and live longer if fed properly.

Get them outside as much as possible

A Princess's Guide to Saving Dragons
A Princess’s Guide to Saving Dragons

Not only does being outside in the fresh air help with your dragon’s mood and health but it also helps them grow! Let your dragon frolic in the sunshine as much as possible.

Even if you have more of an indoor type of pet, it doesn’t hurt to try and let them have some playtime outdoors once or twice a week. Even an enclosed yard can provide hours of entertainment. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but dragons are made for flight and generally prefer it.

After all, the flight is in their name! We recommend taking your dragon out of the house at least once or twice a day (in warm weather) and giving them ample opportunity to stretch their wings. It’ll take more time than leaving them cooped up indoors all day, but they’ll thank you with fewer behavioral problems and shiny new feathers. Have a friend come over and watch them while you run errands:

Having company is good for your dragon too! If they’re used to being alone all day while you’re at work, then having someone come over might be difficult initially. However, many dragons will love having someone other than themselves to talk to and hang out with during the day.

Ask a friend who has dogs or cats how often they visit their home alone and just pop by every few days with food when it’s convenient for both of you.

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