How to activate your TV with Watch. global tv/activate

Are you tired of missing your favorite TV shows because you’re stuck at work? Watch. global tv/activate offers an easy way to access your favorite TV channels wherever you are, provided that you have an Internet connection and a Google Chromecast or Apple TV device. Here’s how to use the service to start watching movies and TV shows right away.

A quick intro

If you’re a Globetv customer, you can use it as a DVR that lets you record and play shows at your leisure! The free feature is called Watch, which allows you to choose from hundreds of channels and shows like Bravo, CBS News, and HGTV. There’s also an Activate app that works with either iOS or Android devices—perfect for watching Globetv on the go! Use these handy tips to help get everything up and running in no time!

Now we’ll show you how to start recording your favorite TV shows so you don’t miss a minute of action when you’re away from home. Here are step-by-step instructions for activating the watch. global tv/activate on iOS devices and another set of instructions for Android devices. Once you get it all set up, just follow these simple steps:

Open Watch in your app and select a channel or show. You can also use search if you know what you want to record—just type in something like Shark Tank or Dancing With The Stars (without quotes). Next, tap on Record in order to begin setting up a recording!

First, download the Global tv app

Watch. global tv/activate
Watch. global tv/activate

The app can be downloaded on most mobile and desktop platforms, so chances are you will be able to find it on something that suits you. Downloading and installing a software program is not difficult, so don’t worry about that part of it at all. You simply want to locate an app for Android or Apple products, or something like Smart TV. Once you have finished downloading and installing, open up the application and follow these steps A) First, click Get Started: After opening up your Global tv app, you will see a screen that asks you to select which type of device you would like to use.

If you already have a Global tv account, then choose I already have a Global tv account. If you do not yet have an account, then choose I do not yet have a Global tv account. B) Enter your email address: Next, enter your email address into the text box provided. This is how we will send information regarding activation to you. C) Enter your password: Enter your password into the text box provided.

Watch. global tv/activate to turn on your TV and select channel 68, or another Global tv channel depending on how many decoders you have in your home. Then, follow these easy steps: Select ADD On the second screen select Activate a device (Activation of new clients) Select Device + application (watchTVGlobAltV) Click ok Next, enter code, and click OK Click OK Enjoy! The activation is complete. You can now enjoy all content on your TV without interruptions. You can also use it as a monitor for your phone or tablet by connecting them via HDMI cable (not included).

To do so, just select HDMI as an output source from within Watch. global tv/activate app settings and then connect it to your television using an HDMI cable (not included). Note that if you want to use two devices at once, simply plug another HDMI into your TV and select its input source. Your viewing experience will be even better with Chromecast! Chromecast allows you to stream any video directly from your mobile device or computer onto your television through watchTVGlobAltV at no additional cost.

Finally, enjoy!


We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen Watch. global tv/activate as your portal for entertainment and are excited to see what you discover. Enjoy! To learn more about Global tv and how it works, feel free to visit us on social media: Instagram or Facebook. We have a brand new YouTube channel filled with everything from beauty tutorials to cooking tips – check it out! And if you’re curious about our technology, don’t forget to read our FAQs page.

Have fun exploring and enjoy watching!
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The Future of Television

Why do we believe Watch is a revolution in television technology that, over time, will render smart TVs and connected TVs obsolete. This change is imminent—our prediction is that all new televisions will be smart by 2019. But what does it mean for you? Our ultimate goal at Watch. global tv/activate is to create an entertainment platform where users can stream television from around the world on any device that they own.

We want to make sure that when our users turn on their TV, they are seeing their favorite shows wherever they are in the world – not just locally available content. With Watch, no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you’ll always have access to your favorite shows and channels.

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