What to do if my ticket was lost or stolen?

If you do not receive your e-ticket(s) within 24 hours of purchase, please contact our ticketing agent. If your purchase was made more than three days before the event, please get in touch with the venue directly to confirm whether or not you have your tickets. These requests should be made no later than 48 hours before the event.

First of all, find out if it happened

even though it might be frustrating, we recommend you double-check your tickets before contacting our support. Did you check your pocket, bags, or desk drawer one more time? Was it a copy of your order and not simply another receipt that you’ve thrown away by mistake? If it’s not too late (i.e., if you haven’t left home yet), contact us right away via our Contact page, and we will help you figure out what happened.

Touch with your local service provider.

If you bought your ticket on an international website, such as Ticketmaster, then you should reach out to them first with any questions. If your local service provider is an official partner of Ticketmaster, they should have a contact number on their website that will connect you directly with them. You may also be able to look up your purchase order from within My Account on our website, which includes information about when and where you purchased your tickets and whether it was a paperless purchase. In most cases, service providers will require you to produce some form of identification before releasing replacement .

Contact the carrier


If you’re traveling by plane, train, bus, or boat with a paper ticket, reach out to your carrier immediately upon discovering that your passport is missing. For example, if you can’t find a paper airplane ticket issued as part of an international flight itinerary on one leg of a trip (but have your passport and other travel documents), immediately call your airline and ask them what they recommend doing. Most airlines will issue a new boarding pass, but others might tell you that there isn’t much they can do for you. The only way to know their policy is is to call and ask!

Ask your travel agent.

If you purchased your airline tickets from a travel agent, be sure to ask them about lost-ticketing policies. Travel agents have access to several resources and tools that can assist you with replacing your tickets in case something does go wrong. For example, they can talk directly to an airline’s representative on your behalf—often getting help faster than would be possible otherwise. They may also help make arrangements for a refund, so you don’t lose out entirely if flights become unavailable.

File a claim with your insurance company

The first step in replacing a lost or stolen is filing a claim with your insurance company. The policy you have on your phone can cover fraudulent activity related to purchases made with your device, so long as you report it quickly. Usually, you’ll need some documentation for your claim. For example, State Farm requires that you document fraud claims within 24 hours of discovery—ideally by taking a picture (or screenshots) of abnormal charges and calling your bank immediately after noticing suspicious charges. Make sure to check your provider about what type of proof they require before submitting an online complaint; otherwise, all you might be left with is an expensive paperweight.

Check again at home

Before you miss a flight, check your tickets at home. Make sure that all of your travel documents are valid and up-to-date, especially when you’re traveling internationally. Sometimes, a change in your name can affect how you’re identified by airlines. If there is something incorrect on your flight itinerary, be sure to report it as soon as possible before taking off. Also, double-check that you’ve packed everything in case your luggage gets lost during transit.

Ticket refund is different from flight delay compensation

– Refunds are a simple way of getting your money back in cases where you can’t use your tickets. Usually, airlines offer them when they cancel flights due to unexpected circumstances that make it impossible for passengers to travel. To request a refund, call your airline customer service department as soon as possible and explain why you cannot travel on your scheduled flight.

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