Things You Must Know Before Renting a Ferrari in Dubai

Whenever we talk, discuss, or think about sports cars. What brand or what manufacturer comes to your mind instantly? It has been identified and observed that almost everyone in the world considers himself a sports car enthusiast. Must have known or dreamt of Ferrari as your driven sports car. Ferrari is one of the fastest sports cars in the world without any doubt. Not only it is the fastest, but it is also considered to be the favorite car for almost every age group in the world.

ubai. Locals and international people always want to rent a Ferrari in order to travel to different locations in Dubai as well as to the nearby states. Ferrari is best known for its aggressive and different looks unlike any other sports car available in Luxury car rental near me and all over the market. You can rent some of the latest models of Ferraris as well as some of the oldest which are also known as vintage cars.

Things to Know While Renting a Ferrari in the Region:

As mentioned earlier the Ferrari is the most popular sports car here in Dubai. This also makes this car the hottest sports car for rental purposes. Every other rental agency has this extraordinary, beautiful, and luxurious sports car to attract a maximum number of customers.
If you are willing to book your Ferrari we must tell you, that you need to book it at least one month before your actual need. Or else you will not be able to make your dream come true of driving a Ferrari on the high-class roads of Dubai.

Rental Cost:

The first and most important thing to know before you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai is the actual rental cost of this magnificent sports car. The latest models of Ferrari car rental in Dubai are considered to be from 2018 to 2022. All these models are available for rent from around 3800 AED/day to 5000 AED per day, depending upon the model and its condition.

Check Mileage:


The second most important thing to know before you take a Ferrari on a rental basis is that you must check the allowed mileage per day. Most of the rental agencies in the region allow a particular mileage per day for their high-end luxury cars. The standard allowed millage per day for most of the Ferraris in the region is known to be 250km per day. If you exceed this mileage, you have to bear extra charges, which might cost you more than per day rental cost.

Traveling to other States:

Many of the rental agencies are not willing to allow you to take their sports cars out of the state. They want you to drive the car within the state of Dubai due to many reasons. If you are willing to take the vehicle out of the state, then you need special permission. Especially keep this thing in mind taking the vehicle out of Dubai; you need to hold on to an extra charge along with the toll taxes. This will also bring a huge impact on your per day allowed mileage, eventually, this process will make your Ferrari car rental super expensive.

Fuel Charges:

In Dubai, there are two options for you to decide on related to your fuel consumption. First that your tank will be full and once you return the car you need to return the car with a full tank to the rental agency. The second option is that you endure all the fuel expenses yourself and don’t allow the rental agency to charge you for refueling the vehicle.


Checking the Car:

Once you are at the rental agency, the first and most important thing is to check your contract for your Range Rover car rental.
Secondly, you should also check the vehicle inside out. Primarily, you need to open the hood and check the engine room of the vehicle. Ask for an oil change and other requirements of the vehicle from the agency. Secondly, check the trunk of the vehicle and it should be empty. Last but not least inspect the interior very well and if you find anything out of order inform the agency the right way.

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