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The cosmetic company store and products

Do you import, manufacture or use The cosmetic company store professionally or sell cosmetic products? Then it is important that you know the requirements and rules that apply to these.

Who has never used eye shadows on their eyes? The eyeshadows illuminate the face, determine the look, Private Label Cosmetics Supplier and allow the obtaining of a decisive or refined make-up! Yes, but how are eye shadows made?

What is a cosmetic product?

A cosmetic product means a product that is used on the body or in the mouth. The person who uses the product wants to be clean, smell good or change their appearance. Many cosmetic products can be harmful if used incorrectly or contain harmful substances.

Who is Responsible?

the cosmetic company store
the cosmetic company store

The cosmetic company store imports the product is, among other things, responsible for the product not containing prohibited substances and being labeled correctly. In addition, a notification must be made to the Medical Products Agency, which registers the product. The Medical Products Agency does not approve or control the products before they may be placed on the market.

For businesses such as cosmetic exporters that sell cosmetic products or use them in a professional business, you are required to have sufficient knowledge of the products and their possible risks to be able to provide accurate information to your customers.

You who sell the product should be able to turn to manufacturers and importers to get information about the product. It is important to make demands on manufacturers and importers.

What information should be on a cosmetic product?

All cosmetic and hygienic products must be labeled; the labeling must be done. However, the list of ingredients must mention. The product packaging must contain:

· Name and address of the cosmetic company store or importer

· Area of ​​use/function

· Quantity stated as weight, volume, or number

· Manufacturing lot number or reference

· Ingredient list

· Country of origin

· Special precautions to be taken during use, such as warning texts and instructions for use

Sustainability labels with the best-before date or with the symbol “open can” must also be present. Makeup Palette Pro is one of the best cosmetic exporters in the industry that produces only cruelty-free natural cosmetic products in China. All our products come with a private logo so that our customers can give them their own brand name and resell them at the best price.

Let’s find out together how eye shadows are made, the method of preparation, performance, and effects on the eyes.

Eyeshadows are blends of powders that are pressed into a container (bottom) of various shapes and sizes. The composition of an eyeshadow includes:

The percentage of binder in the formula changes according to the type of powders used, the quantity and type of pigments used, and the type of binder. The powders include a FILLING AGENT (filler) which is the basic component.

Together with the fillers, TEXTURIZERS are used in the formula which has the function of improving the sensoriality of the product, improving its spreadability, making it more or less creamy depending on the desired result.

There are many texturizers both synthetic and natural. Among the synthetics there are polyacrylamides for their sensoriality and smoothness, we want to replace them being microplastic), silicone powders.

Among the naturals, there are different types of starches and modified starches, microcrystalline cellulose, silica in different sizes, more or less porous, excellent sliding, and mattifying agents.


the cosmetic company store
the cosmetic company store

Then there are the PIGMENTS that give color to eyeshadow, they can be iron oxides or lacquers, pure or in coated form.

Pure pigments are more difficult to work with and need to be micronized, while those coated are usually ready to use, and depending on the coating they give the finished product different characteristics (for example pigments with a silicone coating are used in water-resistant eye shadows).

The matte eyeshadows contain only the pigments in% varying from 10 to 20% depending on the desired writing effect.

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