Ceramic tiles company in Bangladesh

Ceramic tiles company in Bangladesh

Looking for a reputable ceramic tiles company? This article can help you find the best tiles company in Bangladesh.

You will find many established home-grown brands these days. And, it’s been a while since Bangladesh’s tiles industry has become prominent worldwide.

Therefore, they are competitively offering tiles from various trendy designs and colors. Having so many options available, it is difficult to choose one. Let’s get familiar with some tiles companies dominating the tiles market.

Top 5 Tile companies in Bangladesh

Here are the most popular tile manufacturers from the following list, and select one that fits your needs.

DBL Ceramics

DBL Ceramics Limited offers exquisite and superior ceramic tiles. DBL Ceramic is unquestionably one of your options if you’re looking for a tiles company that can satisfy numerous building types and architectural styles.

Products from DBL Ceramics blend creativity and exclusivity. Additionally, they are well known for their originality and striking designs. Their automated production facilities and plant assure that each step is completed with the utmost accuracy.

Additionally, this tile producer uses cutting-edge tools and technology from reputable Italian producers. It is one of the ways DBL Ceramics ensures the quality it promises.

Best for: Floor and wall tiles

Website: https://www.dblceramics.com/

Akij Ceramic

It’s an old tiles company, but they didn’t fade in history. They withstood the wave of time and transformation test. And this company transformed them into something new. And now, they are mainly acceptable in today’s sophisticated society of Bangladesh offering deluxe tiles.

Also, Akij Ceramics is well-known for creating higher-class wall tiles called ‘Vanita.’ Not to mention, these tiles give off an impression of the fine aristocracy. Alongside this,  Akij ceramics is a go-to option for many higher-class commercial areas.

But they offer classic design too. If you are into classic designs, you can surely pick this brand. Besides, this company provides architects the freedom to construct unparalleled aesthetics.

As an established company having an exceptional customer group, the quality of the tile is thoroughly ensured. All these make Akij ceramics prominent among its target market.

Best for Wall and floor tiles, Basins, Water closets, and countertops.

Website: https://akijceramics.net/

Great wall ceramic

This is another largest tile producer. They make different kinds of tile and ceramic products. In addition, they have a collaboration with a Thailand company – COTTO. And in Bangladesh, they are operating as CHARU.

Amazingly, this company is always trying to cut the cost of its products. For that, they use the latest technology from Italy and Spain to automate the manufacturing process.

That means they want to make the product available for people with different financial stability. And they apparently planned for people of various social statuses to use their tiles to decorate their homes and office. As a result, it increases the value of their products.

Other than that, their tile collection is filled with unique designs. This brand is for you if you want to beautify your house at an affordable cost.

Best for: Ceramic and Rustic wall tiles, Porcelain stones, Porosa body, and Glaze Polishes floor tiles.

 Website: https://www.greatwallceramic.net/

RAK Ceramics

This is one of the prominent multinational companies in Bangladesh. And it is collaborating with UAE. On top of that is the first company to become famous for making tiles and sanitaryware.

You can easily afford their product because they target to sell tiles to a larger customer group. They offer tiles and other products from various price ranges.

From RAK ceramics, you will mostly get simple yet pleasing designs and colors. And most home and office decorations seem to go for this brand. So, it’s a tell that it’s certainly a popular, affordable brand.

Best for: Ceramic wall tiles, Floor tiles, Grease porcelain tiles, industrial tiles.

Website: https://www.rakceramics.com/bangladesh/en-bd/

Fu-wang Ceramics

This company is well-known as the first ceramic products manufacturer in Bangladesh. And right from the beginning, they are always steadfast regarding quality. Moreover, they are famous for offering the best customer service – just another reason to check their tiles.

They make a range of ceramic tiles to maintain quality standards. This tile company satisfies you with simple household decoration and catering to your luxurious interior.

Besides, they have tiles from various designs and categories, such as –digitally printed wall times, porcelain floor tiles, and so on. They have different price ranges, but they try to offer good designs and colors in all price ranges, which is praiseworthy.

Best for: Indoor & outdoor tiles, Floor tiles

Website: https://fuwangceramic.com/

Final notes

So, these are the most popular tiles brands in Bangladesh. All of them produce quality tiles from different prices and designs. In addition, these companies continue serving local and international buyers.

Note that choosing good quality tiles is important. Therefore, pick one from this list, and rest assured for your home or office décor.

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