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Vlone v: the New Streetwear Label

Vlone v has exploded on the streetwear scene, and many of your favorite celebrities have been sporting the v logo t-shirt from this buzzed-about new brand. But what exactly is Vlone v? And what makes it different from other streetwear clothing companies? Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new fashion brand, including where you can buy Vlone v shirts today!

What is the V brand?

Vlone is a streetwear brand created by American designer A$AP Rocky. The V logo is inspired by the vagina. To avoid copyright infringement, when reproducing this design on apparel and accessories, he uses ‘VLONE’ in place of ‘V’. It was announced on July 10th, 2016 that Kanye West was an equity partner in VLONE.

Following their collaboration on Yeezy Season 2, the VLONE x YEEZY Spring 2017 collection debuted during Paris Fashion Week at showrooms all over the world. The best-selling product from the first day of release was a signature high-top sneaker with Copper material for $760 USD.

The VLONE v story

VLONE v is a new streetwear label started by A$AP Rocky and Kanye West.
In 2015, A$AP Rocky and Kanye West collaborated on a clothing line titled VLONE. Their partnership was born from mutual respect for one another’s work and the desire to create something new in the fashion industry.
Rocky had been making clothes since he was 12 years old and wanted to learn more about design at an art school in London.

Collaborations with Virgil Abloh

In 2009, Kanye West tapped Abloh to be his creative director for both his label and clothing line. Shortly after, in 2013, Abloh launched his own label called Pyrex Vision; however, he still continued to collaborate with West on projects. In 2016, Virgil Abloh became the men’s fashion designer at Louis Vuitton and has since then become one of the most influential designers in fashion.

Getting their look right

Justin Bieber has collaborated with streetwear label VLONE before and was spotted wearing a tee in the fall of 2016. The brand’s latest collaboration with Nike is on a series of T-shirts and sweat shirts. This season also sees them collaborating with Adidas on a line of sneakers. They are not only limited to the sneaker world but have partnerships with luxury brands like Gucci and Prada to collaborate on items from hats to backpacks. It may be easy to dismiss this rising brand as just another one trying to get their 15 minutes of fame but they’re doing something right considering that they’ve managed to make these big-name collaborations happen without being signed or exclusive.

Future plans for success

Vlone V
Vlone V

In order to keep up with demand and expand overseas, Vlone will need to hire more employees. They also plan on opening up new stores in different parts of the world to accommodate their growing customer base. The company’s popularity is skyrocketing; only time will tell if this is a passing trend or not.

Fashion trends are constantly changing and being introduced so it’s hard to know how long these labels will be relevant. It could be argued that once high-fashion brands become aware of the company, they’ll steal the spotlight and change everything.
However, as people grow tired of these other brands, they may find that they have grown bored with them after years of wearing them day-in-day-out which would make it easier for other companies to take over as leaders in street fashion.

What is the V on the back of the shirt?

The Vlone v on the back of a shirt is a logo for Vlone. It was created as an homage to Kanye West’s mother Donda West who died in 2007 and was also a professor at Chicago State University. The V became synonymous with Kanye West himself and was used as his stage name during his early career. As he grew as an artist it took on more meaning than just being his stage name.

What brand is the Vlone v logo?

V is a brand that first surfaced in 2016 with its debut fashion show, and has been gaining traction ever since. The brand was founded by rapper A$AP Rocky and creative director Virgil Abloh. V not only offers clothes but also includes sneakers, hats, and accessories. V is known for its streetwear look with a mix of luxury brands such as Gucci. V garments are made from high-quality fabrics and designs are given simple names such as Bones or Reverse Jaws. The clothes can be found at various retailers across the globe including Dover Street Market, Barneys, Selfridges, and many more.

Who makes VLONE V?

VLONE is a streetwear label founded in 2016 by American designer A$AP Bari. VLONE is known for its minimalistic designs and high-end quality clothing. The brand has been featured in numerous magazines such as GQ and Complex. They are also collaborating with Nike, Adidas, and Footlocker on different collaborations.
A$AP bari’s work has attracted many celebrities to collaborate with him including Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, DJ Khaled, and more. There are no current plans for international expansion but it is said that there will be a lot more coming from this company.

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