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Here are the best ways to prepare for a vaginal delivery

It’s important to be mentally and physically prepared before you go into labor, but even more so if you’re planning on having a vaginal delivery instead of cesarean section (C-section). The lack of preparation may increase your chances of infection and hemorrhage, among other things. You can ensure that your delivery goes smoothly by following these steps before labor begins.


Taking your mind off of labour is one of the most important parts of preparing for a vaginal delivery. Be sure you do things that relax you, including taking baths and drinking plenty of water. You may also want to listen to soothing music or watch TV with your partner, as these activities can reduce anxiety and stress. It is also helpful to visit with family and friends in advance so they can help support you during labour when you deliver naturally.

Consider labour options

In addition to natural childbirth, women have other options. Cesarean section is one of those options, but its safety and necessity is debated by many. With an elective cesarean, you’ll be able to plan your labour around doctors’ schedules and monitor your baby with fetal heart rate monitors if necessary. Though a scheduled cesarean can make labor seem more clinical than natural birth, it still affords you some control over how quickly things happen.

Have your birth plan ready

Preparing your birth plan will help you feel more in control and less stressed. It also ensures that you’re being heard by your healthcare providers when it comes time to deliver. If possible, find an obstetrician or midwife that is supportive of natural births. They can help guide you through every aspect of your prenatal care, including exercise and diet. You should also consider hiring a doula (or two) to support you during labor and birth. A doula can provide emotional support, physical comfort measures like massage and counter-pressure, as well as other practical services like cooking meals for you and your family members.

Choose your doctor/midwife wisely

If you want your birthing experience to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible, it’s important that you make sure your doctor or midwife is one you feel completely comfortable with. You want someone who is personable, professional, and competent. Choosing them wisely will go a long way toward ensuring that your birth day is one of blissful relaxation. Ask friends for recommendations, interview prospective candidates, do some research online, and read reviews. It’s also helpful to ask about their philosophy on natural childbirth (some doctors are very pro-intervention), pain management (do they have any specific techniques they use?), and other aspects of pregnancy and delivery (cord blood banking? water births?). Most importantly: pick someone who makes you feel good!

Be involved in your labour

Instead of expecting your doctor or midwife to be in charge, you should act as your own advocate. If you have any concerns, speak up! A healthy baby and happy mom depend on it. Make sure that you’re not alone during labour: As much as possible, try to keep someone with you at all times during labour. Having someone there who can support and encourage you will help keep your spirits high—and will also make sure that if anything goes wrong, someone is there to call for help. Be prepared for pain: Labour is going to hurt—but if you know what’s coming (and how bad it might get), then it won’t seem so scary.

Know what pain relief is available to you

vaginal .delivery
vaginal delivery

While you may have heard horror stories about Pitocin or epidurals, your birth experience is likely to be much different. Talk with your doctor and go over all of your pain relief options. You may discover that there are other options besides just natural or epidural—like an oral pain reliever like Motrin or Tylenol. And remember, labor doesn’t last forever. If you feel like you need more pain relief than what was originally discussed, speak up! Your baby will thank you later.

Exercise while pregnant

Exercise is great while pregnant. It helps maintain fitness, tone muscles and even keep stress levels down. But when it comes to what activities are considered safe during pregnancy, there are certain guidelines you should follow. Here’s how much exercise is safe when you’re expecting. The number of minutes of activity you need each day depends on your pre-pregnancy activity level. The more active you were before getting pregnant, the more active you can be as a new mom-to-be—though always check with your doctor first.

Eat healthily during pregnancy

It might seem obvious, but ensuring that you’re eating a balanced diet full of all of your pregnancy food groups will help ensure that your growing baby is getting everything they need. While pregnant, try to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, four portions of milk and dairy foods (including calcium-rich cheese), two portions of meat or fish, and two servings of starchy foods like bread or pasta.

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