Bitcoin debit cards

Top Bitcoin debit cards to know about

Whenever it comes to shopping we carry our debit cards for buying items. Well, it has been a common practice. Now everyone is familiar with the fact that cryptocurrency has gained popularity in its use after being added as a payment method by big companies. Till now, you have been using debit cards of your registered bank account. But today, we are going to tell you about some of the Bitcoin debit cards in this article. 

Using them will cost you some fees, but at the same time, it also benefits in facilitating mobile applications, cash back rewards, and other perks. They are also supporting a myriad of cryptocurrencies including the major ones like BTC, LTC, and ETH. But what is more important is they should be acquainted with sturdy characteristics needed for the protection of your funds. 

Let’s know the use of Bitcoin debit cards

Now let us know more about Bitcoin debit cards. These cards allow individuals to practice purchasing either in-person or online. Besides this, cash withdrawal from Automated Teller Machines using the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, despite the non-acceptance of cryptocurrency by vendors and ATMs. Rather than preferring to exchange BTCs into local currencies, debit cards can be pre-loaded by cardholders with a certain quantity of cryptocurrency. And then the conversion between BTC and local currencies can be done during buying time. 

Top BTC debit cards


If you are expecting a cashback, then Binance is one of the best Bitcoin debit cards to go with. This Bitcoin card benefits in 8% cashback. Plus, there is no need for conversion of cryptocurrency on demand. No monthly fees are issued. But its availability is only in Europe. Plus, if you want to earn cash back rewards, then having a balance of 600 in the BNB cryptocurrency is a must. 

Binance laid its foundation in 2017 and rapidly rose to popularity around the world. It is known as the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume in merely one year. Two years ago, Binance get into a partnership with a California-based company, Swipe to provide a Visa debit card offering cashback of 8%, which makes Binance the best crypto debit card for cashback. It underpins BTC, ETH, and other ten cryptocurrencies. 


Bitcoin debit cards
Bitcoin debit cards

Like Binance, Wirex also benefits with 8% cashback and more other perks for the cardholders. These include earning interest on fiat currencies and major cryptos Ethereum and Bitcoin, plus, there is no charge on ATM withdrawals. Wirex excels in facilitating its customers with referral bonuses and cashback. It is supportive of more than 150 fiat and conventional currencies. 

Like in the above case, where you need to have a balance in BNB cryptocurrency to gain cash back rewards, the same is with Wirex. No cost is applied on standard delivery, plus, no need to make payment for the reissuing of the card and its maintenance. You don’t have to pay for ATM withdrawals, as it is free at $400 per month. Wirex comprises a new feature called X-Accounts benefitting users to earn up to 16% interest on fiat, and in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is 10%. 


Coming on to the next is Nuri. Well, this too joins the above two free Bitcoin debit cards. It does not charge fees (withdrawal, issuance, and monthly) in comparison to other ATMs that charge fees. Nuri excels with advanced features for security and is a recognized crypto banking service. You can place an order for Nuri Bitcoin debit cards on the official Nuri app. 

The bank account services of Nuri lets purchasing and selling of major cryptos BTC and ETH by the customers via mobile banking or a bank account. The best thing about the Nuri is it’s being featured with 3D security provisions that let users verify their online payments through biometrics, which comes in form of a security phrase or a mobile code. In case of any emergency, or theft, users can opt to block the card by reporting it on the Nuri app. 


The next is BitPay. It is one of the prime choices for U.S-based crypto enthusiasts. It does not include exchange fees in the United States and can be accessed in any part of the world just like MasterCard. BitPay can be accessed in around fifty states. Note that there is a need to submit the driving license and Social Security number. This Bitcoin debit card cannot be shipped to a Post office box. 

Ending note

So these are some of the top Bitcoin debit cards with their features and their advantages and disadvantages. Log on to the Cryptoknowmics to explore numerous topics on crypto wallets, and how to buy Uniswap with debit and credit cards, plus more other topics. It is the best guide to stay abreast with the ongoing crypto price updates, and price predictions for the current and upcoming years. 

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