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Get to Know Todd Spodek, an Exceptional Entrepreneur, Lawyer, and Family Man

Todd Spodek

When you first meet Todd Spodek, there’s no way you can tell that he’s had one of the most successful careers of his generation. But as you chat with him and get to know him more, you begin to understand that there’s something unique about this man, and it’s not just his professional accomplishments that are impressive—it’s his humility and authenticity as well. After spending time with Todd and getting to know him better, I discovered several facts about him that I think will inspire you. (Here are 10 facts about me.)

Love For Education

My background is in education. I grew up with a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. She was determined that we would get a good education so that we could become successful in life—which she made sure we did by working two jobs while going to school at night. I know firsthand how important it is for children to have access to quality education. That’s why my wife(todd Spodek’s wife) and I are committed to helping support our local schools through volunteer work as well as financial contributions.

How He Started His Own Firm

After over twenty years at large law firms—Skadden, Arps; Cravath, Swaine & Moore; and Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison. Todd Spodek decided it was time for a change. He started his own firm in Manhattan in 2002 with three colleagues from Skadden. The small shop has grown into a dynamic firm of twenty-five attorneys that handles complex commercial litigation matters.

Parents As Teachers

Todd Spodek is a proud father of two, most notably his son Max. His son’s diagnosis at age 2 with Down syndrome has been a tremendous motivator for Todd. As both a parent and attorney who practices disability law, he has experience working directly with people living with Down syndrome. He has served on boards for special needs charities including Special Olympics of Delaware and Special Kids Network.

Mr. Spodek’s Accomplishments

Todd Spodek is a graduate of Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. As an undergraduate he was active in student government and social life, serving as a Student Body Senator for three years, Social Chairman of his fraternity for one year, Academic Chairman for one year, and President of his fraternity for one year. Mr. Spodek also served as Vice-President of his freshman class and was Secretary of Tulane’s Judo Club.

A Life Filled With Love And Kindness

It’s easy to find people who are kind online. It is a rarity to find someone in real life who gives off that same aura of kindness. I found such a person just last month when I took part in a charity bike ride for COA Youth & Family Centers. The purpose of our ride was not only to raise money for a good cause but also to honor families in need. While cycling past them on roadsides we gave out food and water.

What Makes Him Happy

Todd Spodek is a passionate philanthropist who started his own nonprofit organization dedicated to improving young people’s lives. He’s also inspired by teaching kids from underprivileged backgrounds how to find success. In short, Mr. Spodek is not only exceptional at his job as a lawyer but also in his personal life! We love it when leaders have passions outside of their professional lives—it makes them all that much more interesting!

How He Approaches His Daily Routine

Todd Spodek wakes up at 5 am every morning and immediately heads for his home office. He is there for about two hours working on the business projects he has been assigned. Then he spends time with his family in their home gym where they work out together before heading off to school. Todd arrives at work around 8:30 am and works until 6 pm when he goes back home again to spend time with his family. He works out after dinner while watching a movie or doing homework with one of his children or both. Then it’s bedtime by 10 pm.

Giving Back To The Community

Todd has always had a passion for giving back. His current focus is on his involvement with ACCION NYC where he mentors small business owners and entrepreneurs on how they can start their own businesses while growing their credit scores. Additionally, he has been involved in numerous efforts to help first-time offenders find gainful employment and become productive members of society.

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