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Things you should have long avoided while doing SEO for your website!

SEO is something that people often consider the heart of a website. If you excel at search engine optimization, you get an excellent chance to rise high. But, if you handle it with naivety, you might get banned by Google forever. And one must know that search engine optimization is not easy. This is why most companies with a vision go for Link Building services in the USA.

There are many quality players around, but not all hold the budget to invest in search engine optimization services. And this should not deprive one of a chance to excel at search engine optimization. When we talk of SEO, there are methods that people follow to trick Google. This is not only bad in the short term but can be fatal in the long term.

So, what are the things that people avoid when performing search engine optimization?

What is SEO?

People often think that search engine optimization is a journey that one has to take to reach their destination. There is a belief that the path taken could vary depending on the circumstances, that people may take one way or other to reach the destination. No! search engine optimization is like a marathon where people must follow a path to win the race. If you try to take a shortcut, you might fall easily.

search engine optimization is a set of guidelines that help search engines know about the content being added, deleted, or updated regularly. It is a way to make this content readable and understandable. For example, when you use a keyword or key phrase as the primary keyword, it suggests that the article discusses this topic with Google.

Consequently, Google suggests such articles on SERP against the relevant queries. But, many people try to trick Google in an attempt to rise quickly. They follow tactics that we call BlackHat. Many scam SEO agencies did BlackHat search engine optimization in the early years of the internet. But now, these tactics get easily caught, and the website gets banned forever. Furthermore, expert companies have been pioneering the white hat search engine optimization field for years. So, what are the things that you must avoid while performing SEO in 2022?

Things to avoid when doing search engine optimization!

When people ask why they cannot use creative tactics to perform search engine optimization and gain quick results, we generally give them this example. Suppose you are looking for a shop that sells mango shakes. You suddenly hear someone shouting, “mango shake, mango shake, chilled mango shake.”

You go near the shop, and the guy asks you to enter. And just when you enter the shop, you see men selling mangoes instead of mango shakes. What would you feel about this trickery? Brutal indeed. Things similar to this were being done back in the years. But now Google has servers that can quickly detect black hat tactics.

But sometimes, we unknowingly do things that hurt our search engine optimization. Thus, here is a list to help you educate yourself about the things you should avoid while doing search engine optimization.

1 – Do not use the wrong Anchor Texts!


Anchor Text is the keyword that you use for hyperlink purposes. Unknown to you, Google takes hyperlinks seriously. If you are using a keyword as anchor text to send people to another link, ensure that the link is relevant. You would not want to use the keyword “Link Building Services in the USA” as an anchor text and then send people to a website that is not about link building but skating boards. This trick does not work anymore. Here are the things you need to take care of while using anchor texts –

  • Anchor text must be relevant to the article.
  • The link used must be relevant to the anchor text.
  • You should not over-optimize for an anchor text.

2 – Take care of Search Intent!

Search Intent has lately come into focus. The giant engines of Google are now focusing on User Intent. User’s Search Intent means what the user is looking for. If the user wants to know about Link Building Services in the USA, the user must be shown results accordingly. This means that Google will now take many factors to help Search Intent improve. So, what can you do to support the Search Intent?

  • There usually are 4 types of Search Intents –
    • Informational (what is this, what is that)
    • Navigational (how to login into Twitter, Digital White Labels, Nike)
    • Transactional (buy Link Building Services in the USA, buy shoes)
    • Investigation (how many calories in water? How much do search engine optimization services cost?)
  • Write quality content to help people instead of getting visitors. For this, you must know what search intent you are serving.
  • Do not optimize for the wrong keywords. This will lead to a higher Bounce Rate, and your website will fall a kilometer after rising for a meter.

3 – Do not use spam links!

Another thing that people often fall for is using bad quality backlinks at very low prices. People are selling 50-100 links at 5$ or 10$. All they do is spam your website with 50-100 quality links. Rather than supporting your website, these links bring havoc upon its health. Now people spend money on getting rid of all the spam links they had gotten in the earlier years for quick success.

Know that link building is the most challenging part of complete digital success. The only links that will help you get higher in SERP are the links with high DA and PA scores. Getting these higher DA and PA links costs much. The general guide is to look for quality search engine optimization agencies like that help websites get high-quality links at an affordable cost.

4 – Do not do Keyword Stuffing!

You might think of this to be an old-age strategy. But human psychology works the same way, no matter if the year is 2002 or 2220, or 1020. Do people still think that if keywords indicate Google about the content subject, then why not use more keywords? Won’t it help in indicating to Google that we know more about this subject? Well, no! Search Engines know this trick and can now easily track websites using keyword stuffing.

Do not overuse keywords. Furthermore, do not try to hide keywords by decreasing their size or using the same color as the background. These are gone tricks and will only harm your website.

You’d want to avoid these things while doing search engine optimization in 2022. If you have the budget, spend on hiring the best Link Building Services in the USA. It is an investment that is required for modern businesses. Look for an expert agency that has been serving in the industry for years and has a proven record.

Check out and look at the many different plans available. The competition in the digital world has skyrocketed, but so have the profits. To outgrow your competitors, you need to perform better than them. This is where expertise comes for the required help.

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