What is the Best Thermometer and Hygrometer for a Lizard Terrarium?

Lizards are an interesting choice of pet, as they require very different care than the majority of other popular pets like cats and dogs. However, if you take your lizard pet’s care seriously, you’ll definitely want to invest in some quality thermometers and hygrometers for your reptile terrarium. In this article, we’ll go over what each of these products does and discuss how to choose the best one based on your needs.

How To Pick A Thermometer

You want to invest in a thermometer that’s accurate, easy to read, durable and also affordable. For your lizard’s habitat, you’ll need two thermometers: one measuring heat (degrees Fahrenheit) in their basking area; another to measure ambient temperature (degrees Fahrenheit).

There are several kinds of thermometers to choose from: digital or dial, indoor or outdoor—both are fine. But make sure they have an appropriately sized probe because you don’t want it causing any discomfort to your pet while they’re roaming around. Other types of reptiles like turtles can benefit from a hygrometer as well, so consider getting one if humidity control is important for your pet.

How To Pick A Hygrometer


A hygrometer, also known as a humidity gauge, measures relative humidity (RH) in the air. Relative humidity is expressed as a percentage of moisture compared to what’s needed to make it feel comfortable—when you can no longer feel any dryness on your skin, that’s 100% RH.

Many pet lizard owners keep a dedicated hygrometer inside their terrarium for monitoring temperature and humidity; generally speaking, higher temperatures with lower levels of moisture mean healthier pets! Just remember that too much cold will stress out your lizard just as easily as too much heat will do so. Maintaining an ideal temperature range from about 70–85 degrees Fahrenheit with an 80-85% relative humidity level is typically best… but these are rough averages at best.

How Accurate Is The Temperature And Humidity Data?

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, most digital thermometers can measure temperature within one degree. This level of accuracy isn’t necessary in your lizard terrarium, but it might be useful if you plan on using any recording devices with your terrarium that measures humidity or temperature. When it comes to humidity, there are plenty of reliable hygrometers available in today’s market.

However, few hygrometers provide actual humidity readings; instead they tell you what percentage of humidity is present (i.e., 40% relative humidity). It should also be noted that many lizards don’t need their terrariums humidified at all—and those which do typically prefer low levels (40-50% relative) to high levels (70-80%). But before adding a humidifier make sure it matches your needs!

How Are They Connected With Smartphone Apps?

New technology has allowed scientists to create devices that are connected to smartphones. This allows you to monitor your reptiles while you’re away at work or at school. With such advances in technology, it is no wonder why people often want to know what brands of thermometers and hygrometers they should get. Let’s review some of these products here. Before we begin, let’s look at lizard terrariums first.

Now if you want to maintain lizard terrariums and make sure they are thriving in their environment, then one of the most important things you need to do is make sure that their temperature is right. And there have been quite a few scientific studies done on how animals react differently based on temperature ranges. So it’s always good to take advantage of that knowledge when looking for smart products!

How Do They Work Without Connectivity?

A thermometer or hygrometer for a lizard terrarium that needs to be kept away from your router may seem like it’s a lot of work. After all, if you want to get accurate readings, you have to be within range of your router. But not so fast! There are tons of smart devices out there that don’t need connectivity in order to give you useful information about your environment. Just take thermostats as an example: If yours doesn’t need an internet connection in order to adjust itself according to temperature changes, then why would a hygrometer designed specifically for lizard enclosures operate any differently?

Are They Easy To Clean And Maintain?

Make sure to get a hygrometer and thermometer that are easy to clean. Getting your reptile’s environment in order is really important, so you want to make sure all of your tools are good quality, fit well into your lizard’s tank, and are easy to work with. You don’t want them falling apart or malfunctioning on you—that can be dangerous! Be sure to check reviews from other owners as well as reviews from third-party sites like Amazon before making your purchase.

Generally speaking, it’s best to go with one by a more-recognized brand than an unknown one if you’re unsure what product will work best. Safety should always come first when dealing with any sort of pet living situation—after all, you wouldn’t put anyone at risk just because they were cheaper!

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