Squishcrew Among Us Art

Squishcrew Among Us Art: What is it and why is it so popular?

What makes Squishcrew Among Us art unique? The answer to that question is not an easy one to find, but the first thing that will probably pop into your head when you hear the term Squishcrew and the art that it entails is those crazy-looking characters with their big heads and skinny bodies. Those are the things we love so much about this kind of art – the absurd expressions, body types, and style are unlike anything else out there. But why do we love it so much? And why does this type of art attract so many fans from all around the world?

An introduction to squishcrew art

To understand what Squish crew Among Us art means, you first have to understand squishcrews. Squishcrews are a strange subculture of people who like to gather in small groups of people at night and write graffiti on buildings. When writing their graffiti, they must remain completely silent for fear that someone might hear them writing—otherwise, they believe a squish will appear from nowhere and eat them.

Where did squishcrew art come from?

Squishcrew Among Us Art
Squishcrew Among Us Art

While some claim its origins as far back as ancient times, others insist that squishcrew our art is a contemporary movement—an art form with no true predecessors. But regardless of its origins, Squishcrew Among Us Art has become one of our culture’s most important artistic movements in recent years. From custom Squishable toys to household decorations and even fine arts, Squishcrew Among Us Art has become a valued part of our lives. But what exactly does squishcrew mean?

How did squishcrew art become so popular?

Among us squishcrew is a type of artwork done by thousands of people online. People draw squishes, which are normally made up of random shapes with round bodies, flat faces, and no feet or hands. Squishes can be drawn on paper or a tablet, but they are usually drawn in an online application called squish crew paint. The app was created in 2016 by three students at MIT after they were looking for a fun way to pass time during finals week.

Why is squishcrew art appealing in today’s world?

Squishcrew Among Us Art depicts, in a stylized fashion, people becoming smaller. Some squishcrew images are of people getting stepped on, while others show them shrinking into nothingness. While all of these depictions certainly seem like they should be negative experiences, they aren’t—and that’s one of many reasons why squishcrew art has become so popular recently.

A quick guide on how to start squishing

The term squishing has come to describe any kind of artwork that involves pushing one or more mediums into another. Giving a name to what you create, adds some structure to your work and helps you stay on track. Squishing can be a great exercise in refining your technique, but there are many different approaches. Here are a few simple steps to get started with squishing…

Questions about getting started on making your own squishes

Ask yourself, Why do I want to create my own squishes? It’s not just about having a stack of your favorite characters in front of you. If you enjoy art, if you have an idea for a type of character that doesn’t exist yet (or maybe does but with way less personality than what you can bring to life), or if your childhood imagination refuses to die because seeing all these cute things makes you happy—maybe making squishes is for you.

Sample of a finished product

Squishcrew AmongUs Art offers a wide range of Squish art, inspired by their favorite video games, comics, anime, and books. The Squish crew designs each product individually; ensuring only top-quality products are sold to their customers. After creating each individual squishy design they collect them all together in one place to be offered to you! Each squishy is 100% high-quality silicone making them safe for ages 3+ (even with small parts) ~ First featured on Shark Tank!

Things you can do with your finished works of squished creativity!

Here are some things you can do with your finished works of squished creativity! I hope that you’ll share your own ideas with us as well. #1 – Give to Charity Squished piggies make a great donation item for worthy causes! If you know of a school in need, drop off an art donation at their next school event. Another wonderful place to donate would be The American Cancer Society or American Heart Association, these organizations work hard every day to save lives.

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