Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion

Simple Mehndi Designs the art of henna is thousands of years old, originating in the Middle East and India. Mehndi (or mehndi) refers to the temporary designs created using henna, which fades away as your skin exfoliates over the next few weeks. There are countless designs that have been passed down from generation to generation, but some of the most common are these simple mehndi designs for every occasion, like weddings or birthdays!

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Simple Mehndi Designs
Simple Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a traditional form of body art found in cultures all over the world. It’s most commonly practiced among Muslims, but in many countries, it is worn by people of any or no religious background. The designs are made from henna which has been mashed into a paste and then transferred onto the skin by hand.

In Eastern culture, mehndi serves as an adornment during wedding ceremonies and festivals such as Eid. In Western culture, it may be considered more closely related to body painting than to tattooing; that being said, the patterns can be created with a high level of detail just like tattoos can be very detailed.

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Your hands can serve as a canvas, and mehndi is the artist’s medium. There are many different designs you can choose from but here are a few simple ones that work well on any occasion. Each of these mehndi designs will take a little over an hour to complete depending on your natural speed and technique.

For extra practice, try making one design at a time so you’re still sharpening your skills! Make sure to take breaks in between to shake out your hand muscles or stretch them by holding them up high above your head. If you notice any pins and needles sensation or tingling in the fingers, stop immediately until it subsides.

Mehandi may cause allergic reactions in some people, especially those with sensitive skin. So if you experience any itching or redness after applying mehndi, remove it immediately and consult your doctor. Lastly, don’t forget to wash off all traces of oil when you’re done. It’ll not only prevent stains on clothes and furniture but also help keep the mehndi color intact for days longer than without oil.

For Brides

Simple Mehndi Designs
Simple Mehndi Designs

You’ve found the perfect dress and it’s time to find a design that will compliment it! There are so many stunning mehndi designs to choose from – intricate peacock designs with little accents, simple yet beautiful flowers, or dots of brown on the hands that remind you of autumn leaves. Whatever your style, there is no shortage of options when it comes to wedding mehndi designs. If you’re looking for something fun and whimsical, try out one of these lovely pieces:

Funky Tattoo: A thick black border inked with vibrant colors is sure to be a conversation starter at your reception. The whole hand will be covered in traditional geometric shapes, creating an eye-catching pattern that’ll stand out at any celebration.

For Your Hands Only

India is world-renowned for its intricate and detailed mehndi designs, but sometimes we don’t have the time or patience to wait until our next Bollywood show to try it out. Luckily, there are plenty of simpler designs that can be done on the hands without losing any beauty. When I say simple, I mean designs like dots, zigzags, lines, waves, and so on.

You might not get a full hand design in this way but your nails will look stunning! To create these types of simple mehndi designs you’ll need white nail polish as well as a bottle of dark brown polish (usually black). The dark brown polish will serve as the base color and then you can use the white polish to create an array of different patterns with it. Use the brush from the polish to draw whatever pattern you desire onto your nail.

For example, if you wanted a dot pattern all over, just start by making a dot at the tip of your nail bed and keep going up towards the top.
For something more elaborate like wavy lines, start from one side of your nail bed and drag over to another side with short strokes overlapping each other for a nice effect.

Traditional Henna Patterns

Simple Mehndi Designs
Simple Mehndi Designs

Classic and elegant, this henna design is perfect for events like a Hindu weddings, Eid celebrations, or Divali. This intricate pattern can be applied with alternating green and white henna paste over darker skin tones, but it’s usually worn by women of all cultures on the occasion of their wedding.

Once the design is complete, apply a clear gel to seal it in place. You can go minimalist with just one arm painted or take it up a notch by painting both arms from shoulder to fingertip. Or give your hands some TLC with a full-body mehndi session! The only limitation? Your imagination.

Pakistani Style Mehendi Design

Pakistani style mehndi designs vary in complexity and purpose. The intricate or elaborate designs are used to please the groom’s family during weddings, while simpler versions are worn by unmarried girls and as an adornment on festive occasions.

Some Pakistani women opt to wear more conservative patterns, such as dots or dashes, on their hands when they have public functions to attend. Unlike Indian styles, Pakistani designs are almost always symmetrical. It is customary for a woman to give her daughter-in-law (sister of her husband) a gift of a pair of henna cone cones called kalakand at a wedding.

Tribal Style Mehendi Designs

For those who don’t know, mehndi is the practice of drawing intricate designs on the hands and feet using a thin, dark paste made from the powdered leaves of the henna plant. Often done during wedding celebrations in Indian culture or other Hindu and Muslim ceremonies, mehndi designs traditionally consist of brightly colored flowers and vines on feminine hands that are often intricately drawn with a henna cone to make them last even longer.

Simple Mehndi Designs
Simple Mehndi Designs

The more intricate the design, the more beautiful it will be. In the photo below you can see two variations of this style: one where the lines have been applied vertically and one where they have been applied horizontally. If you want to try this out yourself, here’s what you’ll need:
Mendhi cones – You can find these at your local beauty supply store or buy them online if you can’t find any near you. They come in different colors so be sure to pick one that best matches your skin tone!

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