Best Safety issues and meeting standard compliance

  Did you know that 90%of accidents are caused by unsafe acts implementing safety procedures can help prevent such accidents? Many accidents can happen when you are walking on a site you can get injured by falling from stairs and edges to electric shock while carrying heavy equipment getting hit by tools ignoring science etc.

Safety issues on the Construction site:


While working at a construction site, a worker is exposed to many safety and health hazards. Some examples could be:

A carpenter who erects formwork is exposed to fall hazards while climbing or fixing the formwork. Also, any worker is at risk of being struck by falling objects; he may just be walking on the ground, and there may be work going on at a height, and a nut or a bolt or a screwdriver, whatever it is, may fall and hit him on the head.

It need not be a worker and could be a passerby. It happens very often when you are trying to do construction work in a built environment in urban areas. Workers moving at the site come across electrical wires used for temporary illumination works. They can trip on those wires; the wires can cause a short circuit, cause a fire, and so on.

If you are working in a marine or near the water, there is always the possibility that the worker may fall into the water and drown. If there are operations like welding being carried out, there is an entirely different set of hazards that construction workers face. So, construction safety is an important aspect.

We do not want to have accidents at the site, and it is an important responsibility as far as the safety construction manager is concerned to ensure that the construction site is accident-free


Solutions to combat Safety issues and meet standard Compliance:

We know how critical your safety precaution system is. Safe work practices are essential in building and sustaining your site’s safety culture. Drive HSE performance by digitizing your processes. following are the detail of safety measures that should be followed strictly.

  • Enforce high Compliance, reduce costs, and build and sustain your safety culture. You can manage all health, safety, and environmental activities in the field with one easy-to-use platform.
  • Managers can see the status of safety compliance in real-time, safety regulators can access digital reports to facilitate Compliance and communication, managers can conduct inspections and easily monitor corrective actions, and workers can send data from mobile devices and get notified when actions are required.
  • Say goodbye to the thousands of manual forms and lost paperwork that makes Compliance a headache.
  • Drive a high compliance culture with digital permits-to-work and safety forms. You can also create and deploy any custom form and checklist in minutes to suit your operations. Conduct digital inspections and assign corrective actions on the spot. All field operators can also report observations from their mobile devices.
  • Easily report incidents and near-misses. Predefined fields make it easy to enter information and conduct analytics. Effectively manage the health and safety records and qualifications of each employee. The induction process is highly streamlined, and all toolbox meetings can be recorded digitally. You can easily manage all safety records and certificates for equipment and machinery. Information is easily accessible through Bar Codes.
  • Finally, utilize our powerful analytical tool to gain complete HSE visibility across your sites and leverage predictive models to identify issues before they occur.
  • Drive HSE performance and change how you work: Enforce high precautionary Compliance, reduce costs, and build and sustain your safety culture, all from the palm of your hand.
  • Construction software is the construction management system that has digitized the safe management systems of many of the world’s largest construction companies.

Final Verdict for construction safety precations:

   The construction accident frequency was higher than in the other industries. That is 2000 has finally come to a situation where the construction industry frequency is lower than the other industry, which means that the construction industry, indeed, put in a lot of effort to reduce their accidents, to bring down the accident rate, or the frequency, as far as construction sites are concerned. So, this kind of information is very encouraging to see.

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