Rockstar confesses to be virtual struck, resource code of “GTA 6” leaked

On September 18, a person shared a link to a file on the GTA (Grand Burglary Vehicle) online forum GTAForums, claiming to be 90 video game videos taken from widely known game programmer Rockstar Gamings. The video clips show up to have been developed by the programmers to debug numerous attributes in the game, as well as some of the videos also consist of spoken dialogue between the lead character as well as various other NPCs.

Online forum participants were at first unconvinced that the hacker affirmed by the poster was real, and the poster then claimed he lagged behind the current cyberattack on Uber as well as gave the source of GTA 5 and GTA 6 Code screenshots as proof.


On Monday early morning, GTA 6 programmer Rockstar Gaming confirmed that they had undoubtedly endured a cyber intrusion, with unauthorized 3rd parties unlawfully accessing and also downloading, and installing secret information from its systems, including a very early development video of the next-gen GTA.

Rockstar claimed that they were doing information disaster recovery these days. According to the hacker, it has actually stolen the resource code of “GTA 5” and “GTA 6” as well as the “GTA 6” beta variation, as well as is attempting to blackmail Superstar Games with this. The hacker stated they accepted offers of over $10,000 for the source code of GTA 5, yet have no plans to offer the resource code of GTA 6 currently.

Throughout this time around, the dripped video clip has gone viral on YouTube, Twitter, and also Reddit, as well as Take-Two Interactive (the parent company of Rockstar Gamings) has actually likewise sent take-down notifications to numerous sites about the video clip and its web links.

These takedown demands side-check the authenticity of the leaked GTA 6 video. Attackers as well as others have since leaked swiped GTA 6 video clips and parts of the resource code on Telegram. Most recently, enemies dropped a GTA 6 source code file that is 9,500 lines long and seems connected to scripts that do different in-game activities.

The hackers have thus far shared no details on how they obtained the GTA 6 video and also source code, just disclosing that it was stolen from Superstar’s Slack as well as Confluence web servers. Superstar said in an official statement that the leak will not impact the anticipated development of the video game, as well as the growth of related video games, and will certainly proceed as planned.


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Benifits of GTA 6 programer

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Is there a GTA 6 coming?

o, there is not going to be another GTA game coming. There is speculation that the next installment will be in London which would make sense since Rockstar has already created games in Liberty City, Vice City, Los Angeles, San Andreas, and North Yankton. It’s rumored they may also include London because of their close proximity as well as other past Rockstar games including Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3.

The release date has yet to be confirmed but it’s speculated that it may come out on November 14th, 2018. They have made it known that there won’t be any more DLCs or updates for GTA 5 after the latest update with all-new vehicles. : Many people are disappointed about this news because many had hoped for an update that would improve the graphics or add more content to the game. : However, with so many new additions coming to each new title, most people are glad they’ll still get some type of regular updates at least through future titles.

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