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HIFU utilizes a novel method of using high-frequency ultrasound waves to heat and destroy cancer cells in the Prostate Treatment Center. There is no surgery involved, and the technique is very safe and effective due to its non-invasive methodology and involvement of minimal post-treatment risks.

HIFU treatment effectively eradicates the cancer cells in prostate tissue, reducing them to protein detritus and waste tissues. Most of this tissue is expelled through the urinary tract while some is dealt with through the body’s natural pathway of dealing with waste tissues.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the sixth most prevalent cancer among males worldwide and the most frequently diagnosed malignancy. Fortunately, the majority of prostate tumors grow slowly, are low-grade, have a modest risk, and are not particularly aggressive. Prostate tissue biopsies, MRI scans, and prostate-specific antigen tests are the mainstays of diagnosis.

Prostate-specific cancer is regarded as confined and potentially treatable when it only affects the prostate gland. Bisphosphonates, rank ligand inhibitors, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals, immunotherapy, focused radiation, and other targeted therapies can be employed if the illness has spread outside the prostate. You should reach the Aventura prostate treatment center in case of emergency.

Among other methods, prostate cancer treatment has long relied heavily on radical prostatectomy. It is most frequently provided to men whose cancer has not yet started to spread and entails completely removing the prostate gland.

The prostate is removed using the conventional “open” technique through an 8-10-inch incision made right below the abdominal button. As an alternative, robotic prostate cancer surgeons can conduct a radical prostatectomy with robot assistance. This method involves making a series of significantly smaller incisions in the patient’s belly and inserting little robotic equipment through them.

Prostate Treatment Center
Prostate Treatment Center

While seated at a console, surgeons can remotely manipulate this equipment. Today, robotic surgery accounts for at least 85% of all radical prostatectomies carried out in the United States. But how do those sophisticated procedures stack up against the conventional open approach? In this article, we’ll try to find the answer of this question while laying down the comparison between the two types of surgeries.

The study  

More than 1000 men who underwent radical prostatectomy between 2003 and 2013 were monitored by researchers from Harvard-affiliated hospitals and other academic medical institutes in the United States during the course of the study. 545 of them underwent an open radical prostatectomy, and the remaining 549 men underwent a procedure with robot assistance. The outcomes showed that both techniques were equally effective at removing cancer from the body, and post-surgical problems were quite uncommon with either technique.

However, the researchers discovered that there were certain immediate distinctions between the two methods that demonstrated the superiority of robotic prostate surgery over the conventional strategy.

The distinct results of the study

For instance, the men who received robotic treatment spent less time in the hospital overall, (1.6 days as opposed to 2.1 days on average), and they also experienced less discomfort following surgery. Additionally, men who had robotically assisted surgery experienced fewer side effects, including blood clots, (10 men as opposed to 3 men), urinary tract infections, (33 men as opposed to 23 men), and bladder neck contracture, a condition that can be treated when scarring in the bladder outlet makes it difficult to urinate. In total, 45 men underwent open surgery and developed a bladder neck contracture as opposed to 9 men who underwent robotic surgery.

So now that we have evidence from the study conducted by reputed researchers, we can say with surety that robotic prostate cancer surgery has superiority over the conventional method.

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