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Metrics to Check the Performance of Chat and Mail Support 

The quality of interactions on email and live chat is as important as the calls in contact center services. Therefore, customer representatives have to meet the KPIs and satisfy the performance metrics. Such stats are the main selling points of many BPO services offering chat and ticket support. So, the focus of quality assurance and quality maintenance is always on these metrics. 

In this blog, you can see the metrics that can help you assess the quality of email and chat support options. Besides that, the quality of interaction is another thing you have to take into account. By combining these two aspects, you can easily get a clear image of the quality of email and chat support.  

The following are things you should see to check the standard of service:  

CSAT Score 

CSAT score stands for customer satisfaction score and it is one of the most important metrics for customer service. This score shows the percentage of satisfied customers. This score is calculated by dividing the number of customers rating the interaction a 4 of 5 by the total number of customers and multiplying the result by 100. So, this stat is one of the most straightforward metrics that shows the performance of your department.  

Generally, there are no numbers that are industry standards. So, the numbers can vary from industry to industry and even among organizations. However, one thing is clear; the higher this number is the better your service is. So, usually, it is better to aim for a high score like 70% or higher for example.  

Net Promoter Score 

The net promoter score is another metric that directly reflects what your customers think about the quality of service. Calculating this score is similar to calculating the CSAT score, but it is a more long-term metric that asses the quality of service over a longer time.  

This score is calculated based on the score rating from 1 to 10. Companies often send NPS surveys to check the overall customer satisfaction. The people who rate your service in the range of 7 to 10 are your promoters and the rest are detractors. The percentage of the promoters subtracted by the percentage of detractors is your NPS. Tracking both CSAT and NPS scores over time is important for seeing where you are standing.  

Among other factors (given below), the quality of interaction has a massive weightage in the overall score. Using the right tone and language can take both these scores up. For this reason, contact centers often include the usage of phrases that show empathy and taking ownership of a problem on the behalf of the company. Apologies, where required, and offering a specialized non-robotic response also matter in increasing the number of satisfied customers.  

Average Wait Time 

A crucial performance metric in overall customer service is the average waiting time. It applies to all forms of contact center services like calls, live chat, and emails. It is extended waiting times are among the easiest way to put off a customer. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your average response time is low and convenient.  

For companies that offer call contact center support services, there is usually an SLA between the clients and service providers. SLA stands for service level agreement. It is calculated by dividing the number of queries answered within the agreed time over total queries and multiplying by 100. Good customer support always tries to offer beyond SLA response times.  

First Contact Resolution  

FCR is another important metric that shows the quality of service. If a customer initiates live chat or creates a ticket multiple times, it’s not a good sign. It should take the first response to answer a query and offer the solution. The same applies to the tickets as well. There’s no harm in creating an email thread if you do not get enough info to deal with a customer’s problem in the first response.  

So, when you are assessing the quality of support through chat and mail, FCR is another metric to consider.   

Missed Chats  

Missing customer queries is almost never a sign of good customer support. It can have a bad impact and can even affect the retention of customers. So, it is best not to leave any query unanswered. You can work on decreasing the average wait time on chat. Instead of making them wait for a long time, you may use chatbots to get maximum info before attending to a customer query.  

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