Netflix Subscription

Is a Netflix Subscription Still Worth It?

Netflix is one of the most popular Netflix subscription services globally. In 2021, the streaming giant generated annual revenue of $24.9 billion. Netflix is credited for several noteworthy films and TV serial projects including The Irishman. Netflix got more Oscar nominations than any other film studio at the Oscars 2020.

However, we are living in the age of streaming services. Netflix is no longer the only platform producing excellent quality original content. Other popular streaming platforms include Disney+, Amazon prime, Hulu, etc. Is Netflix still a good option in the face of tough competition?

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Have you been on the fence about getting a Netflix subscription? Are you having trouble choosing between different streaming services? Let us help you decide. Here are a few good reasons why a Netflix subscription is still worth your money.

Netflix Subscription
Netflix Subscription

Original Content That Simply Cannot Be Missed

Netflix has permeated the realm of entertainment and become a prominent contributor to discourse on pop culture, fashion, and beauty. Our daily conversations are inundated with the content we consumed and the social impact. Netflix produces some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows and movies on any streaming platform. Examples include The Witcher, Lucifer, Stranger Things, Dark, Narcos, Cobra Kai, etc.

Still an Affordable Option

Considering the huge collection of movies, shows, and documentaries the platform offers, it is an affordable option. Where cable TV costs anywhere from $65 to $105, the basic plan on Netflix costs about $10. If you want to add more screens, you can get the premium plan, which costs $20. For this affordable price point, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in HD.

User Experience

Netflix values user experience and convenience above all. With Netflix, you do not have to sit through painfully long 30-second ads or pay to have to close advertisements, unlike other streaming services. With Hulu, YouTube, and CBS All-Access you have to pay extra to close advertisements. Otherwise, you will be swamped with marketing campaigns amid your movie experience.

Furthermore, the Netflix algorithm recommends movie and series titles based on your viewing history so you can navigate the platform intuitively.

No Annual Contract

Netflix no longer offers a 30-day free trial, which would have let you try the service and form an opinion based on experience. However, unlike other streaming services it does not have an annual contract. This means you can pay monthly and cancel your subscription any time you like. There are no hidden charges or cancellation fees.

Something for Everyone

The platform offers content for people of all ages. You can create multiple profiles from the same account, so the entire family can have a premium entertainment experience. If you worry about what the kids are watching online, you can select the kid’s profile for them. It offers titles catered to kids and has age-restricted content.

Educational Content

One of the biggest selling points of Netflix Subscription is the variety of content it offers. There is a fair share of Netflix original documentaries that can be streamed for educational purposes. Educators do not require a special Netflix license to stream these documentaries. For most other platforms and studios, educational institutions have to purchase a license to show content to their students.

Highlighting Global Creators

Netflix has made a lot of global content available on a single platform. From Anime to Turkish movies, you can stream a plethora of titles from various genres. This gives global exposure to deserving artists, directors, and writers.

Netflix Subscription
Netflix Subscription

In Summary

Netflix is one of the world’s biggest streaming platforms. Some may argue it is the best streaming platform. It allows viewers to stream the best movies, shows, and documentaries in HD with the best quality sound. If you rarely switch on live TV and are, looking for an affordable streaming service Netflix is an excellent option. For a great price of $9.99, you can get the base package and enjoy an unmatched streaming experience.

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