n s journal health adventure gear style

n s journal health adventure gear style

n s journal health adventure gear style is an 18-page zine that I created during my first semester at MICA in the graphic design department. This zine features interviews with several people who are involved in the Baltimore health community, including the People’s Community Health Center and Black Men’s Health Imperative.

It also includes short narrative interviews with some of my friends and classmates from MICA, along with artwork, information about mental health and self-care, and a recipe for kale chips!

My n s journal health adventure gear style Journal

I keep a running list of everything I am going to do in the future. Whether it is a work-related idea, or something I want to do on vacation, I put it in my calendar or write it down in my notepad. This ensures that these items don’t get forgotten and allows me to start planning them out well ahead of time!

Sometimes I have multiple tasks for one day and so they are spaced out accordingly. Other times they are all stacked together which makes sense because they are all scheduled for that day. Sometimes I will schedule an entire month of things to do because it is just too much and this way it’s broken up by days, weeks, months, etc.

Adventure Gear

n s journal health adventure gear style
n s journal health adventure gear style

I love my new jacket, which is wind and water-resistant. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, and canoeing in the fall. If you’re looking for a high-quality product that’s still affordable, this one is a great find! You can also keep your hands warm with these gloves from The North Face.

I have been obsessed with TOMS shoes for a while now, so it was exciting to see their hiking boots are on sale now. They are vegan and leather-free, as well as comfortable!

men journal health adventure

What are some of your favorite outdoor items? Share below!

1. Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes – I spent all last summer looking for the perfect shoe for my backpacking trips and my job. I love these shoes because they have great support and are very breathable. Plus, they’re made of a rubber material that is tough enough to handle tough trails, but flexible enough to not damage your feet when you don’t want to be hardcore about it!

2. Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Jacket – The best part about this jacket is that you can wear it as an outer layer or as an underlayer depending on how cold or windy it is outside. It also has a high collar which blocks out the elements while providing coverage.

3. Pearl Izumi In-R-Cool Cycling Shorts – These shorts come with many different features including moisture wicking, anti-microbial treatments, stretch fabric panels, reflective accents, and more. They keep me cool in the summertime by drawing away sweat and body heat so I don’t overheat.

4. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs – I’m pretty much obsessed with anything ExOfficio makes because their clothes are always durable and comfortable…and stylish too!

Self-Care Tips For Students

Stress and anxiety are a fact of college life. However, you can use the experience to your advantage by taking care of yourself, looking after your mental health, and setting up a system that makes it easy for you to stick to healthy habits. Keep reading for some tips on how to take care of yourself during this stressful time.

A Note About Self-Love And Self Care

Self-love and self-care are two terms that everyone loves to talk about. But when we do, we all have a different meaning as to what it actually is. When I think of self-love, I think of doing things for myself just because it makes me happy. Whether that means going out on a date night with my hubby or sitting at home and watching movies in my PJs – either way I feel like a million bucks!

Papier wellness journal

This is a blank, unbound journal. One side is illustrated with lines and the other is unlined, perfect for sketching or jotting down ideas. You can keep track of your food intake, fitness goals, mood, and more with the accompanying stickers on the back of the book. The four corners are rounded to make it easy to write comfortably on any page.

These journals are made in France and made with recycled paper that’s been sourced from sustainable forestry practices so you can be sure they’re environmentally friendly too!

Men’s Journal Notebook

n s journal health adventure gear style
n s journal health adventure gear style

Men’s Journal is the perfect gift for dads, husbands, brothers, uncles, and friends. It is an ideal Father’s Day present and a perfect stocking stuffer for men. We can all make a commitment to our fathers and remember to be like them by looking at what they did well and modeling our own lives after them.

My dad never gave up on me even when I was constantly messing up. He always told me how much he loved me and that I could change my life if I wanted to do so. When I finally got it together, he said You were always worth it. If you have any stories about your father that you would like to share with us please email us or leave a comment below!

Best Men’s fitness websites

When it comes to men’s fitness, there are quite a few options out there. I prefer looking for sites with detailed information on training and nutrition. That said, here are some sites I found interesting and helpful when it comes to men’s fitness Men’s Health:

A go-to resource that provides tips on everything from fat loss to gaining muscle. Fitness Magazine: A site that provides articles, workouts, recipes, and advice from experts in the field of fitness. Men’s Journal: They offer articles on fitness as well as gear reviews.

Men’s Health awards 2022

Since 2000, Men’s Health has been giving awards to men who are transforming their lives for the better. The grand prize this year is $100,000 and a trip around the world on board a custom RV. Selected semi-finalists will each receive $10,000, plus the equipment necessary to complete their travel adventure. Additionally, award winners can do virtually anything they want with the money as long as it contributes to a cause related to health and wellness

Daily Wellness n s journal health adventure gear style

On April 1st I am beginning my 365-day daily wellness journey. This will include a note of what I did to take care of myself and tips and tricks that help me succeed on a daily. If you have any questions or suggestions please email me!

My first tip is to try not to compare yourself to others. Sometimes it feels like everyone is already eating healthy, going for runs, doing yoga all the time, etc but it’s just not true. Find something in your life that works for you and don’t give up until it does! My second tip is to be kinder to yourself and love yourself. You are worth it 🙂

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