Medalla bottle:

Medalla bottle: The newest way to drink your favorite beer

Have you ever tried to drink beer through a heavy glass? It’s hard, isn’t it? And no matter how slowly you drink, that thick beer glass will still be half-empty when the bottle is gone! Thankfully, Medalla beer has designed a new way to drink your favorite beer—through its fun, new bottle. The Medalla bottle comes in different sizes so you can drink more of your favorite beer at once and finish your beverage with ease! No more struggling with the heavy glass or long straws; the Medalla bottle was made with the modern drinking man in mind!

What is a medalla?

The first thing you may notice about the Medalla is its distinctive shape. It is a round, deep-bellied bottle with a short neck and wide mouth. This design makes it easier to pour the liquid from the Medalla without spilling.

A second thing that sets the Medalla apart from other bottles is that it has two openings. One on top of the cap and one at the bottom of the bottle. You can use the opening at the top for easy pouring or unscrewing, or if you want to share a drink with someone else. The opening below can be used for drinking directly out of the bottle or inserting a straw. The double opening gives drinkers more choices for how they want to enjoy their beverage!

How much alcohol is in a Medalla?

The Medalla is a new type of beer container that is designed with an easy-to-carry handle. The Medalla holds 16 oz. and is the perfect size for sharing with friends or enjoying a solo night in. It has a similar shape and feels like a traditional water bottle, but it’s made from glass instead of plastic.

Unlike most bottles, which have caps, the Medalla closes like a wine bottle with a cork stopper. You simply insert one finger into the top of the stopper and twist while pushing down on the lid until you hear it click. That’s all there is to it!

What type of beer is Medalla?

As a subsidiary of Heineken International, the Medalla Brewery is one of the oldest and most prestigious breweries in Spain. Founded in 1857, today it has five facilities throughout the country and produces over ten million hectoliters of beer every year. With a history that dates back more than 150 years, Medalla is a symbol of tradition and quality.

It’s considered one of the best beers in Europe, and this iconic Spanish beverage can now be found all around the world. Its success abroad is what led to its recent introduction into U.S. markets where it’s making an immediate splash with both bartenders and consumers alike.

How do you make the medalla?

Medalla is a 5.6% ABV light lager, with a crisp flavor and a clean finish. Medalla is brewed in the Dominican Republic with an all-malt recipe that’s been perfected over more than 75 years of brewing tradition.
The word medalla means medal in Spanish, which represents the award-winning quality of this Dominican Republic brew. Medalla Beer starts with only four ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, and yeast. Each batch is produced using a traditional process that takes between six and eight hours. It’s then chilled for 24 hours before being filtered for clarity and carbonated before bottling.

Is Medalla a beer?

No, Medalla is not a beer. It’s a soda made from pure cane sugar. For those who are used to the sugary taste of sodas and energy drinks, this is going to be a refreshing change. Plus, it has the same caffeine amount as regular cola. What makes this soda unique is that it comes in a bottle that can be recycled up to eight times. That means if you have six people in your household recycling their bottles, you’re getting rid of sixty-four bottles every year. Not bad for drinking a little more than one per day!

Enjoy it with your favorite food!

The Medalla beer company has introduced a new type of beer bottle that is unlike any other. Instead of traditional glass or aluminum, they have created a plastic, lightweight, and environmentally friendly container that can be recycled and reused.

This allows for more convenience when transporting this beverage while reducing its carbon footprint on the environment. Drinking from a Medalla bottle will also save you money because it’s cheaper than most other types of bottles. It is easy to carry in purses and coolers because it’s so light!

Enjoy it at its best temperature

One of the major advantages of the Medal Beer bottle is that it can be stored for up to a year without losing its freshness. This means you can stock up on your favorite beers and enjoy them at their best temperature. Its wide mouth allows for easy filling and ice cube insertion, while still maintaining an airtight seal.
There’s no need to worry about spilling beer, as the caps come with tamper-proof security locks. Plus, if you want more than one glass from one bottle, there are conveniently attached handles on both sides!

Other ways to enjoy it

The Medalla Beer Bottle is the perfect way to enjoy a cold, refreshing Medalla. Simply fill the bottle with ice and water, screw on the cap, and enjoy! It’s small enough to easily bring with you wherever you go. You can also use it as a fridge magnet or even as a flower pot when you’re done drinking! The Medalla Beer Bottle also comes in different designs for you to collect.
What are some of your favorite memories involving alcohol? Share them below and don’t forget to pick up a new Medalla Beer Bottle from one of our many locations near you!

Medalla premium light more

The new Medalla bottle premium light is the perfect accompaniment for these summer days that are full of sunshine and warmth. With a refreshing taste and carbonation, this light beer offers the crisp refreshment you crave, without packing on the calories.
It’s no secret that we’re all looking for ways to enjoy life’s pleasures responsibly. That’s why Medallas has always been brewed with quality and health in mind; from our choice of ingredients to the bottling process itself.

Today, we’re proud to announce the introduction of our newest product, a light more that contains only 100 kilocalories per serving. So if you’re craving something smooth and tasty but want it to be healthier too-give Medalla Premium Light Mora a try!
It’s time to grab one now at your nearest store!

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