How to Use the MBC2030 Live Login

MBC2030 Live Login allows you to access your MBC2030 accounts from any computer or device with an internet connection. The MBC2030 Live Login feature enables you to view your account balances and transaction history and create or edit your accounts directly from the website. You can also download PDF statements through the Live Login and set up email or text alerts to notify you of important account information, like money movement and low balance notifications. To learn more about the benefits of signing up for MBC2030 Live Login and how to access your accounts, read our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1 – Register on MBC Website

The first step is to go to and enter your personal details on the MyProfile page in order to create an account on their portal. To sign up you will need a valid email address, a password of at least 8 characters, a security question answer, a username, and a full name. After that click on create my profile button which will redirect you to another page where you can log in with your credentials. If you have already created an account then just use it. If not then follow all steps mentioned above to create one.

Step 2 – Add your bank account details for MBC2030 Live Login

MBC2030 Live Login
MBC2030 Live Login

When you log in, you’ll be able to see your bank account details in real-time. You can edit or remove these at any time by pressing ‘Your Details’ in the top right corner of your screen and clicking on ‘Accounts & Banks’ in your dashboard. Just click on ‘Add Account’ and follow these instructions 1) Enter your name as it appears on your bank statement. If you have a joint account, enter both names as they appear on your statement. If there is more than one person with access to the account, select ‘Joint Account Holder’ and enter their name.

Step 3 – MBC2030 Live Login

When you’re logged in, click on To-Do List from your dashboard. Here, you will see all of your tasks. In order to mark a task as complete or incomplete, simply select Complete or Incomplete under Status. You can also update a task by clicking on it and adding an explanation for why you were late or finished early, if necessary. Make sure you upload any supporting documents along with your report! Once that’s done, click Submit Changes. You should then be able to see that your submission has been submitted successfully.

Step 4 – Select Account Type & Amount

The first step is to select which account type you want, you’ll have options between Joint Ownership and Beneficiary. If you want to add a beneficiary to your account then click that option and move on to Step 5; if not then click Joint Ownership in Step 4. In Step 5 you will be asked how much money you would like to place into your retirement. You can choose from 2 percent, 3 percent, 4 percent, or 5 percent of annual compensation.

Step 5 – Approve Payment & Transfer Funds

To access your payment, click on Payments and then click on View Payment Details. You will see a list of all payments you have received. If payment is not listed, please check your spam folder or contact us with questions. Clicking on any payment will bring up more information and links to track its progress through our system. When a payment has been fully processed, it will be marked as Completed.

Once completed, funds are transferred to your bank account within two business days for domestic transfers and one business day for international transfers (Monday-Friday). Please note that some banks may take additional time to process transactions even after they show as completed in our system.

Step 6 – View Transaction on MBC 2035 Website

In order to see your transfer via mobile, log into your mobile banking app and navigate to Transactions. Select Transfer from (applicable account name), and select View Transactions. You should now be able to view all details of each transaction – e.g.: amount transferred, user name, etc.

Please ensure you save your reference number in a safe place as proof of transfer once requested by our customer support team. Step 7 – Verify Your Transferred Funds: Once you have completed these steps, please send us an email at [email protected] with your name, full address, and phone number on file. Our Customer Support Team will then verify that funds have been successfully transferred over to your chosen recipient’s bank account within 48 hours of receiving your email request.

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