How to Get the Absolute Best Laptop for Your Gaming Needs

Gaming computers are some of the most complex machines out there, and gamers happen to be some of the pickiest buyers. Gamers will spend hours and hours looking for a good laptop, and it’s understandable with all the selection there is out there and the repercussions that come with making the wrong choice. Some gamers will have more specific needs than others too, and this will make getting a good laptop a bit more difficult. Let’s take a look at how you can find the best laptop for your particular needs.

Look at Your Budget

The first thing you’ll have to do is look at your budget. This will dictate which type of machine you can consider and whether you’ll have to make a compromise.

We would first like to start by saying that you will have an almost impossible time finding a good gaming laptop for a cheap price unless you’re willing to buy one second-hand. Your only chance to get a brand-new gaming laptop at a low price would be to go with a computer with a mid to high-end integrated chip, and even that would be a long shot.

If you want a decent gaming machine, you have to be willing to pay around $800 at the very least. And at that price point, you’ll have to be willing to sacrifice things like an AMOLED display, RGB backlighting, and metal construction, among others.

If you want a great machine and you’re willing to spend, the best deals are around the $1200 mark. You’ll get a nice mid-level or high-end GPU like a GTX 30 series and everything you need to play AAA on top or near top settings.

Look at the Games You Play

Another thing you should do is look at the type of games you like playing. Some games are much more demanding than others, and some will put more stress on some components. A lot of people will say that getting a powerful processor is not a priority on these kinds of machines, but that’s not the case if you like to play open-world games that involve a lot of AI  or things like racing games, for instance.

If you like to play things like MOBAs, however, then you would be surprised at how little you need to run them. These games are made to be light, and, while you might have some fluidity issues playing them on a budget computer with an integrated chip you should still be able to have tons of fun. So, look at the games you like too, and see how demanding they are on the chip, the GPU, and your RAM and storage.

Consider Getting a Custom Laptop

Getting a custom laptop is a great idea for any gamer. You’ll be able to put in the exact components that you want depending on your gaming type. You could get something like a Lenovo custom laptop with a Ryzen processor and a GTX 1060 card if you wish, even though this type of combination would be rare on the market. You can also have control over the type of storage you want, how much storage you need, and many other factors that will affect the laptop’s performance.

This is all that you need if you want to get a good gaming laptop that will handle everything you throw its way. Be mindful of your budget and look at as many options as you can until you find what you want.

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