5 Things That Can Make Your Hiking Experience Awesome

Hiking Experience Awesome, Hiking is emerging as a popular outdoor adventure activity among outdoor enthusiasts and demographics outside the “outdoorsy” community. According to statistics, 2020 saw the highest number of hiking participants since 2006, with the numbers jumping from 49.7 million hikers the previous year to 51.81 million.

Besides being fun and providing an opportunity to recharge from city chaos, hikes have multiple health benefits. According to the US National Park Service, hiking supports health via physical exercise, strengthening bones and muscles, improving balance, and enhancing mental health. However, a pleasant hiking experience requires carrying the following hiking essentials.

BattlBox Subscription Box

An incredible hiking experience begins with packing light. Cumbersome luggage slows you down, and losing time means you may not see targeted landmarks; also, hiking past daylight has more inherent risks. Moreover, cumbersome luggage prevents you from taking in nature’s glorious sights and sounds as your brain starts anticipating the end of the adventure because your body craves rest.

However, most hikers, especially novices, struggle to pack light while planning hikes. If you are one such hiker struggling to pack light, you can benefit from Battlbox; click here for the best outdoor subscription box to buy.

Battlbox is an outdoor, survival, and adventure-themed company selling monthly subscription boxes to suit beginner-level and advanced outdoor needs. The company has four subscription options to choose from; Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus.

Each subscription box contains hand-picked outdoor, survival, and everyday carry (EDC) items curated by professional outdoor experts. You can get anything from outdoor manuals imparting hiking knowledge and survival skills to top-tier product hiking essentials. Such essentials include military and trauma first aid packs, multi-use tools, and tactical gear like binoculars, night vision goggles, and knives.

BattlBox’s curated subscription boxes help you know which hiking essentials to prioritize while packing. Moreover, the brand hosts forums where subscribers share knowledge and experiences from individual hiking adventures.

Crate Club Subscription Boxes

Hiking Experience Awesome
Hiking Experience Awesome

Crate Club is another subscription box company delivering various hiking utility items to subscribers or club members. The veteran-owned company offers subscription boxes featuring high-value tactical, survival, and EDC items to help you stay safe and prepared.

Although Crate Club rates are affordable, you can get better rates with an annual Crate Club Subscription. The brand features three subscription tiers, Lieutenant (entry-level), Captain (mid-level), and General (advanced/pro-level).

Thanks to the company’s veteran roots, ex-special forces conduct a field test on each item in the various subscription tiers, ensuring club members get full value for their money. Moreover, the company partners with household names in the adventure and tactical industries to access innovative, best-quality gear.

Essential hiking gear that you can expect from the Crate Club’s subscription boxes includes premium first aid kits, knives, and multi-tools. Moreover, club members can access community forums for exclusive gear, new product launches, and club-only giveaways for hikes and other outdoor experiences.

A Hiking Backpack

Whether planning a day’s hiking trip or a multi-day trip, a hiking backpack is a must-have. Although most individuals are comfortable packing hiking gear from the above tactical boxes in regular backpacks, hiking backpacks have special features for an incredible hiking experience.

First, hiking backpacks improve your safety against inherent hiking risks. For instance, carrying food and water keeps you energized and safe from dehydration. Also, the specialized backpacks are hands-free, improving your ability to react to apparent danger.

Second, most hiking backpacks have specialized storage to hold hiking gear, making packing easier. For instance, they feature fasteners and tool loops to hold trekking poles and lash patches/pig snouts to fasten wide items that don’t fit inside the backpack.

Moreover, they feature cloth pockets to hold delicate items like sunglasses and camera lenses and pockets for carrying hydration packs. Hiking backpacks also feature multiple accessory pockets, like mesh pockets, for holding items requiring easy retrieval during the hike.

Third, hikes can be daunting, and hiking backpacks feature comfort features to enhance the experience. Such features include a hip belt, facilitating even backpack weight distribution, and compression straps to fasten the luggage, preventing wobbling that could destabilize you.

Also, hiking bags typically feature weatherproof treatment to keep your luggage safe. However, you should not carry a backpack weighing more than 10% of your body weight.

Hydration Gear

Hiking Experience Awesome
Hiking Experience Awesome

Hiking is physically strenuous, and hydration helps you remain rejuvenated throughout the trip. Dehydration increases at lower altitudes and higher temperatures; therefore, consider carrying enough water to sustain you in the chosen hiking environment.

You can carry hydration packs in a hiking backpack featuring a water reservoir storage, allowing you to hydrate without removing the hydration pack from your backpack. Alternatively, you can carry water filtration systems if your chosen hiking trail has usable water bodies. Water filtration systems reduce your luggage’s weight by eliminating drinking water as a necessity.

Navigation Tool

Hiking Experience Awesome
Hiking Experience Awesome

Incidences of hikers getting lost are common, so navigation tools like maps, compasses, and GPS trackers are hiking essentials. While you may have navigation apps installed on your phone, cell phones run out of battery and are susceptible to water damage. Therefore, consider carrying traditional maps, compasses, and waterproof GPS devices.


How do you make hiking enjoyable? Hiking essentials may vary slightly according to the hiking itinerary and trip length. However, the essential hiking items are a muscat-have and could be the difference between a fantastic, rejuvenating hiking experience and a crappy experience.

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