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Handbook for contemporary head shavers

Head shavers are a prevalent and helpful tool in men’s grooming requirements. It has emerged as a safe and trustworthy alternative to traditional razors, which poses the risk of injuries or razor burns. However, when Electric Head Shaver is considered, two different kinds of shavers are available: the foil shaver and the rotary shaver. Although both these shavers are instrumental in attaining a bald head look, they differ in their mechanism and demeanor.

Of late, Head Shaver has gained popularity among men grooming tools, especially with the shaved head look being in trend. From celebrities to common men, many men are finding the bald head a convenient option in head grooming and trust the head shavers for their ultimate fashion goals.

head shavers
head shavers

head shavers

What are head shavers? How do they work?

Foil shavers have a straight head that has oscillating blades or cutters under the foils that help to cut the hair. Foil is a thin layer of metal that forms a mesh pattern to cover the blades. The holes in the foil capture the hair to offer a close shave. However, while using a foil shaver, it is recommended that the shaver is moved in straight lines, like up to down, or left to right, and in slow strokes for better results.

It should be remembered not to indulge in circular motions while using a foil shaver as it is non-functional. It is recommended to gently pull the skin for a tighter surface for the foil shaver to offer a perfect result.

Rotary Shavers

What are rotary shavers? How do they work?

Rotary shavers, generally have three circular heads that feature an electrically powered rotating blade that efficiently cuts the stubble captured by the outer stationary guard. The rotary shavers are specifically designed to travel across the contours of the head or the face to offer a smooth and effective shaving experience.

head shavers
head shavers

This shaver can be used in a circular motion across the surface to capture the hairs in the angular grooves to cut them with tiny scissor-like blades. The effectiveness of the rotary shavers lies in the fact that they can be used in a circular motion as this helps to achieve a smooth shave even in difficult areas like the neck, chin, and head.

Which is the better choice? Foil shaver or Rotary shaver?

Whether to opt for a foil shaver or a rotary shaver is a fundamental decision to make and some factors can influence the decision on choosing the one that fits your needs the best. However, as already mentioned that both these varieties of shavers help one achieve a clean, close, and smooth shave.

Moreover, being the electrical variant, they are powered by motors that support most of the work along with the multiple blades that work wonders to offer a perfect shave. Check out the factors that can influence your choice of shavers.

When to opt for Rotary head shavers?

Rotary shavers are instrumental in providing a smooth and clean shave. When selecting a shaver, the type of skin, the thickness of hair, and your personal preference play an important role.

  • A rotary shaver is useful when you have thick and coarse hair density.
  • In case, you are shaving for quite some time and do not prefer to shave every day, then go for a rotary head shaver.
  • Especially, when shaving the head it is important that the shaver can efficiently travel through the contours of the head, and for that, a rotary shaver is the best option.
  • When shaving longer hairs, rotary shavers are the best option as they can efficiently offer a smooth and clean look even for longer hairs.
  • To conclude, a rotary shaver is for men who have thick and long hair and do not prefer shaving often.

When to opt for head shavers?

  • Foil shavers are for those who have relatively fine hair.
  • Foils shavers are the most preferred tools for shaving facial hairs, sideburns, etc that need the precision of shaving.
  • It is basically for people who shave regularly, as the foil shaver is contributory to providing a close-to-skin shave.
head shavers
head shavers

However, although the foil shaver helps with a very close and smooth shave but using them to shave the head is difficult, so if you are specifically looking for a Head Shaver, then opt for a rotary shaver which is designed keeping in mind the head shaving requirements. Over the last few decades, head shaving in men had seen thriving popularity and so has the availability of such products that are designed to cater to the needs of head shaving requirements.

Final Word

Shaving, in general, is an important grooming necessity for men. From shaving the beards to shaving the head, the style quotient has witnessed quite a shift. And so has the grooming tools undergone some major development.

The traditional razors are replaced by  Electric Head Shaver to fit with trends and fashion requirements. Here, you got an idea of the two different shavers and their working mechanism to decide for yourself what best fits your concern.

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