gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide 

gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide 


Welcome to gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide  for the modern woman. The blog is dedicated to helping you discover the best in fashion, beauty, food, and entertainment around Windy City. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, we’ve got the scoop on the latest trends, tips, and advice on how to make the most of your time in Chicago. We’ll take you through the chicest spots in town, from the hippest boutiques to the hottest restaurants. With our help, you’ll be sure to look and feel your best while experiencing all the city has to offer.

About Gold Coast Girl

Gold Coast Girl is a Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle guide that provides a fresh perspective on the city’s style scene. Founded by a fashion enthusiast and native Chicagoan, Gold Coast Girl aims to showcase what the city offers regarding fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With a focus on local boutiques, events, and insider tips, Gold Coast Girl gives readers a unique and personal take on the Chicago fashion world. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, Gold Coast Girl is the ultimate guide for those looking to stay up-to-date on all things fashion and lifestyle in Chicago.

Chicago Fashion Scene

The fashion scene in Chicago is vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone. From high-end boutiques to street style, this city has it all. Chicagoans take pride in their fashion choices, with a mix of classic styles and cutting-edge trends. Whether you’re looking for a tailored suit or unique vintage finds, you’ll find it here. Local designers showcase their talent through fashion shows and events, bringing fresh perspectives to the industry. Keep an eye out for emerging designers, be bold, and try something new in Windy City’s fashion scene.

Fashion Tips and Trends in Chicago

gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide 

As a city with a distinct style, Chicago is known for embracing classic and edgy fashion. The fashion trends in Chicago range from sophisticated tailoring to statement-making accessories. This city has a particular affinity for boots, jackets, and layers in the colder months. Don’t avoid mixing prints, bold colors, and textures in your outfits. And remember to layer up with stylish outerwear and cozy scarves to brave the city’s harsh winters in style. Stay on-trend by incorporating some Chicago flair into your wardrobe, and you’re sure to fit in with the fashion-savvy locals.

Local Boutiques and Stores to Visit

Chicago is a hub for unique, local boutiques and stores. Some must-visit spots include the quirky vintage store, Kokorokoko, and luxury consignment shop, Luxury Garage Sale. For a sustainable fashion fix, check out Reformation or Wasteland. Chicago’s fashion scene is also heavily influenced by streetwear and urban fashion, making places like Leaders and RSVP Gallery a must-visit for any fashion-forward individual. No matter your style, a boutique or store in Chicago is waiting for you to discover.

Chicago Fashion Events and Shows

Chicago is known for its lively fashion scene and hosts numerous events and shows throughout the year. From the iconic Chicago Fashion Week to smaller independent shows, something exciting always happens. Watch for the Fashion Focus Chicago, Chicago Fashion Incubator events, and the Chicago Designer Market. These events are a great way to discover emerging talent, network with industry professionals, and get inspiration for your fashion style. So, grab your calendar and plan your next fashion adventure in Windy City!

gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide 

Chicago offers a vibrant lifestyle that goes beyond fashion. From the stunning Lake Michigan waterfront to its diverse neighborhoods, there is something for everyone in the Windy City. Explore Millennium Park, take in the iconic Bean sculpture, indulge in deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s, and catch a Broadway show at the historic Chicago Theatre. For outdoor enthusiasts, bike along the Lakefront Trail or Navy Pier. Remember to visit the Art Institute of Chicago and explore the city’s rich cultural heritage. Chicago truly offers a lifestyle that is both sophisticated and adventurous.

Exploring the Gold Coast Neighborhood

Gold Coast Girl recommends strolling through the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood to soak in the stunning architecture, trendy cafes and shops, and beautiful tree-lined streets. The area boasts several notable landmarks, including the Chicago Water Tower and the Astor Street Historic District. There are plenty of great spots to snap photos for your Instagram feed, and Gold Coast Girl’s top recommendations for food and drinks include The Violet Hour and Somerset. It’s a must-visit neighborhood for anyone looking to experience the best of Chicago’s fashion and lifestyle scene.

final thoughts

As a fashion enthusiast living in Chicago, I am constantly amazed by this city’s diversity and creativity. Whether you’re a native Chicagoan or a tourist looking to explore the fashion scene, I hope this guide has given you some inspiration and tips for navigating the city’s unique style. From trendy boutiques to fashion events and shows, there is always something new and exciting happening in Chicago. So, get out there and embrace this fantastic city’s fashion and lifestyle culture!


Q: What inspired Gold Coast Girl to start her blog?

A: Gold Coast Girl has always been passionate about fashion and exploring new neighborhoods in her city. She started her blog to share her experiences and recommendations with others who share her interests.

Q: What sets Chicago’s fashion scene apart from other cities?

A: Chicago’s fashion scene is unique because it blends high-end designer brands with local, independent boutiques. There is also a strong emphasis on street style and incorporating individuality into fashion choices.

Q: What can readers expect from Gold Coast Girl’s blog?

A: Readers can expect fashion and lifestyle content, including outfit inspiration, reviews of local stores and events, recommendations for exploring the city, and tips for living your best life in Chicago.

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