Getting to Know Your Ausbildung at All Ausbildungsstellen

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Getting to know your ausbildung

Getting to know your ausbildung at all ausbildungsstellen is the basic step to start a career in Germany. The country offers a large number of jobs in many fields. You can get your first job easily after you finish your ausbildung.

The education system in Germany is highly qualified and quality-checked. There are many private and public organizations offering Ausbildung in a wide range of fields.

The first step to get your ausbildung is to apply. It is important to choose an ausbildung that matches your interests and skills. You should also calculate the cost of acquiring your ausbildung before signing up.


During the course of their careers, the police officers of today will be expected to perform a number of duties. These can range from mobile operations to criminal investigations, among others. As a result, they will have to pass a number of tests in order to attain their coveted badge. The most common tests involve a stress test and a medical examination. Those who make the grade are the best prepared for service in one of the units.

In the realm of law enforcement, the GSG 9 Special Training is an excellent example of a successful mix of modern police training and military acrobatics. In particular, the unit has a high degree of specialization, such as in the field of medical radiation. Its capabilities are not limited to the nation’s borders, as it is often called upon to conduct missions abroad.

Ausbildungsberufe für Vertriebsabsolventen

During your apprenticeship, you will learn about many different disciplines. This includes logistics, machining and metallurgical processes. You will also gain knowledge about the importance of interpersonal harmony in teamwork.

The BAUHAUS Contact Center is the hub of sales. You will have the opportunity to work with customers and provide them with information about the quality of the products and services offered.

You may also want to consider a career as a product designer. You can be a technical job or a kaufmannical one.

Another option is a dual degree program. A dual degree combines theory and practice. This is an excellent way to acquire both a scholarly understanding of the subject and a working knowledge of the field.

Branche Verkehr & Logistik

Besides being a booming business, Logistik and Verkehr offers a wide variety of career options. The transportation industry is a large employer, with over 2,9 million employees, with a turnover of 235 billion euro.

Logistik / Verkehr offers a range of training opportunities. There are many different careers, and a lot of different job titles. Some of the more popular transport related careers are truck drivers, warehouse workers, and professional drivers.

The logistics industry has long been known as a tough industry to hire, and the industry has grown in complexity. This means that the number of jobs available has shrunk and the qualifications to fill them have increased.


Various jobs in the health sector are available, with many of these requiring special skills and equipment. You can choose to work in hospitals, insurance companies, clinics, and even nursing homes.

Medical careers can be divided into two categories: regulated and non-regulated. Regulated careers are those governed by the government, such as a physician assistant. These jobs are also called professions, and include ophthalmologists, physicians, and dentists. However, these careers aren’t regulated by law, so they aren’t as common.

For example, a doctor’s job involves treating patients, while a medical technician’s job is to operate specialized equipment. Similarly, a physiotherapist’s job includes massaging and healing patients.

Banken & Versicherungen

Almost 29 percent of all financial firms fail to fill training positions. This statistic reflects a growing problem with finding qualified applicants.

Several banks and insurance companies come to campus to tell students about their work. These representatives often attend seminars related to their fields.

The financial services industry includes private and state-run insurance companies. These companies provide life, accident, and liability insurance. They also develop revolving loan portfolios. These companies also develop customer relationships and are responsible for accounting and administrative tasks.

The financial market is highly regulated and requires compliance with regulatory standards, as well as ARS requirements. This translates into the need for thorough foundational knowledge.

Der öffentliche Dienst

Depending on your career choice, you can start working in the public service. Among the many possibilities are teaching, administration, research, and law. It is important to know what a public service job entails before starting to apply.

An employee of the public service receives a salary according to the tariff. In the federal government, there are about 130 apprenticeships. The Federal Employment Agency has its own high school job market counselors. You can also submit your application online.

The offentliche Dienst, or governmental service, is the largest employer in Germany. It pays 4.9 million employees. It includes all employees of the Bundesverwaltung, all state and local governments, and all federal employees.

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