2 Best Ways to pay Netflix using GCash

What is GCash?

Would you like to watch Netflix films? However, don’t you have a credit or debit card? Imagine a scenario where I tell you that you can pay Netflix using GCash. You can utilize your GCash wallet to pay for your Netflix membership and watch every one of the motion pictures and TV shows that you need.

GCash app is mobile money or “e-money” that permits you to pay bills, transfer or receive money, buy loads, shop online, book movie tickets, and more with the use of your smartphone. Using a “mobile wallet,” you get to do all these transactions anytime and anywhere without the need to withdraw money. It has a higher risk of getting lost or stolen compared to carrying cash.

GCash registration via GCash websites

  • If you like to utilize a laptop or desktop, continue to the G Cash registration page. Furthermore, follow the guidelines below:
  •  Click “Register” on the presentation page.
  •  Click “Proceed to GCash Registration” to begin the transaction.
  •  Enter your mobile number. Observe that G Cash is currently open to all networks, not merely Globe and TM subscribers open in another tab.
  •  Click “Next” to proceed to the following page.
  •  Give the 6-digit validation code shipped off your mobile number for check purposes.
  •  Click “Submit Code” to complete the interaction.
  •  Fill out the GCash Registration form with your data, including your complete name, birthday, private residence, and email address.
  • Click “Submit” to continue to the next page.
  •  Set your 4-digit mobile PIN or MPIN. For security reasons, avoid choosing your birth date and another combination number that is easy to guess (e.g., 1234, 1111, and so on).
  •  When the registration is finished, you’ll be coordinated to a page with a QR code. Sweep the QR code with your cell phone to download the G Cash application. In case you’re lucky, you may get gifts after signing in.
  •  After logging in to the GCash app with your mobile number and MPIN, you can cash in and start using GCash. GCash Registration through G Cash App.

For quick registration, you can likewise download the official GCash application and do the following:

 Open the G Cash mobile application.

 Give me your mobile number. Once more, G Cash is available to all networks, not simply Globe and TM.

 Snak “Next.” Enter the 6-digit validation code shipped off your cell phone.

 Click “Submit Code.”

 Peruse and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions. Fill in the data mentioned in the G Cash Registration form, like your name, birthday, address, and email address.

 Set your 4-digit mobile PIN or MPIN, which you’ll use for your future GCash transaction altogether.

Procedure to pay for Netflix using G Cash


After signing in to Netflix on your browser or mobile app, choose your plan by clicking “See the Plans.”

 No commitments are canceled at any time—everything on Netflix for one low price.

 No ads and no extra fees. Ever.

Select the arrangement that you are interested in. If you only watch Netflix on your cell phone, you may pick the Mobile plan. The Premium plan is the better decision for families since it underpins up to four screens or watchers all at once and has a 4K+HDR resolution.

 Click continuously after choosing your plan

 Choose a plan of your choice

 In the next step, select a Credit or Debit card

As should be obvious, the American Express logo is there, which implies that you can pay Netflix utilizing your G Cash American Express virtual card.

Set up your payment (Your membership starts as soon as you start costs).

Enter your payment details bellow

  • First Name: Enter the first name as listed on your card Last Name: Enter the last or surname on your card
  • Card Number: Enter the card number of your G Cash American express card
  • Expiration Date: Enter the card expiry date
  • Security Code: enter card security code

Follow these means to get to the detail of your GCash American Express virtual card:

  • Open the G Cash application and log in to your wallet.
  • Click the cheeseburger menu in the upper-left corner.
  • Click “My Linked Accounts.”
  • Select “American Express Virtual Pay.”
  • You would now see your card data and use it to pay for Netflix utilizing G Cash.

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