Flowers For All Occasions

Flowers For All Occasions

A Matter of Degrees

All flowers are good for one thing or another, but which is best for which situation is often a matter of degrees. Sure, you can give someone roses during a funeral, and that may be the right thing to do. However, the color, the bouquet design, and the amount may determine which options are best. Also, there are other flowers to choose from.

You want to find flowers that fit any occasion. The “degrees” of presentation will determine how such flowers are received. In the hypothetical situation we started with, roses seem to be a good fit, but sometimes deliberate contrast is in order. Whatever the case, hopefully the following tips help inform your choices for various occasions.

Flowers For All Occasions

1. Wedding Flowers

In this particular scenario, a lot of different flowers could be appropriate, and certainly, the preference of the bride is worth taking into account. Generally, peonies, garden roses, anemones, ranunculuses, dahlias, sweet peas, hydrangeas, and lilacs are best. Follow this link for more information on finding the best wedding flowers.

2. Birthday Flowers

Roses, peonies, carnations, tulips, dahlias, irises, geraniums, and gardenias are fine for a birthday. Notice the crossover. Dahlias, roses, and peonies are common. The idea with a birthday is flowers that are celebratory. Also, you want options that match birthday guest preferences, just like with the wedding.

There’s a common theme in whatever event you’re buying flowers for: the best choices are going to be those which the “guest of honor” prefers. For birthdays and weddings, lean on the birthday guest and the bride to help inform your flower purchases.

3. Graduation Flowers

Graduation flowers are celebratory, and again you want to calibrate your purchases to the person who is graduating. Here, there’s a lot more room for humor. Maybe you give them a bouquet of rolled-up dollar bills taped to straws.

If you’re actually getting flowers, many graduates are given a bouquet of roses. Also, peonies, hydrangeas, carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, orchids, and ranunculuses are in order.

4. Condolence Flowers

Birthday Flowers

Much of what defines the best choice for condolence flowers will depend on how they’re presented, as with other events on this list. Maybe you give the bereaved the favorite flower of the person he lost. The truth is, someone who is exceptionally sad might not even notice what kind of flowers you give them, even if that particular bouquet is nothing but rare blooms.

A card is important, maybe some chocolates, or a sentimental gift like a framed photo of the person grieving, and the person for whom they’re grieving. With these things in mind, again, there’s some crossover. Some of the best flowers for condolences include the aforementioned roses, statice, lilies, carnations, and gladiolas.

5. The Obvious One: Flowers For a Relationship

This guide can help, but there is no direct advice you can lean on for this one. Get your love interest a dozen roses, and if she prefers tulips, that could be enough to irritate her. Maybe she’s not even irritated, just playing with you. It’s hard to tell. Generally, women like flowers. Guys like them too, but he’ll prefer something steak-related over a flower any day.

When you’re giving your lady flowers, you want to be careful that you do so with no ulterior motive. Do it to be nice, and to make her happy, or she’ll suspect you’re trying to apologize for something. If you get ahead of that early, you’ll be able to build trust more easily.

Varying Flowers for Varying Occasions

Relationships, situations of loss requiring condolences, graduation, birthday flowers, and weddings all involve floral etiquette. What these events have in common is this: the person for whom the flowers are intended is the most important aspect of your purchase choice. Buy flowers the recipient loves, and you’ll usually do well.

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