Facing First Day At College – Perceptions & Satisfaction As a Student

Facing First Day At College: Students are opting for online learning a lot due to the different benefits lying under it. School administration is also opting for modern tools to help the students like school management software and LMS but college life is different from online education and school life in many ways.

This sudden change from school life to college life brings a lot of changes as well as confusion, students feel many things weird in college rather than in school. Till now as a student, one has to go through many restrictions, and now in college, all of a sudden students get so much freedom and all they have to do is to score good grades and marks in their exams. As freshers’ students have to go through a lot like ragging, homesickness, problems in concentration, loneliness, poor food, poor health, etc.

There are so many challenges they have to face far away from home. Few students adjusted to this sudden change in their life and few could not. A lot of students have to go through a lot on the first day of college like stress and anxiety and as discussed above, to deal with so many changes as compared to school days, students need to have proper information about the college atmosphere and how to survive in that atmosphere to stay and complete the education there.

The first day is very important in any college, hence, it is necessary to attend college with proper preparation and knowledge. So, let’s have some tips and guidance regarding preparation for the first day at college:

One should never be late anywhere and being late on the first day of college makes a very bad impact on faculty and peer groups too hence one should reach at the correct time on the first day of college. As discussed above, you can have liberty for anything at college but being late will be harmful to your studies as you can miss any important part of the lecture on a particular subject.

Facing First Day At College
Facing First Day At College

On the first day of college, it is very necessary to choose the correct outfit for the college which should be very decent and should be under the norms and rules of college and which can raise your self-confidence. If there is a particular uniform or college dress code then get dressed according to that and that too in a stalwart personality so that your appearance should be enough to make a good impression.

On the first day of your college, you will meet random new people, therefore it is necessary that your first appearance should make an impression. On the first day of college, you are told by college management to bring some necessary papers and documents like documents related to admission, photographs, photocopies, admission slips, etc. It should be ensured by you that you must have brought those essential documents to complete your admission procedure.

Although there will be no issues if a student forgets to bring those documents this shows your attentiveness towards essential things and no teacher will like it, on the other hand, it will make a negative impression on peers also and they will not lend their notes seeing this careless nature of yours.

Learning in college is very exciting. Although there are so many facilities regarding education such as many teachers teaching online and students can opt for online class apps also because either teacher teaches online or students opt for any online class app, it will be very beneficial for the students to enhance their knowledge. This becomes more beneficial when educational institutions have the support of school management software and LMS.

But studying on the college campus and making friends there is a different experience. Hence, on the first day of college students should try to make some friends because during the whole course this friendship proves to be very helpful and the time on the college campus is very cheerful. It was found in research that a failure to retain current students was a waste of both human and financial resources and was a primary concern for major stakeholders such as higher education leadership students and parents.

Facing First Day At College
Facing First Day At College

Several studies revealed that regarding satisfaction for studies e-learning is more effective than traditional learning. The use of online teaching apps like classroom apps made online learning more interesting for students.

Flexibility is another benefit of e-learning which is the best part of online teaching apps like classroom apps. Several studies prove that there is a deep influence of students’ social backgrounds on their academic performance. Although college student satisfaction includes many factors, it is based on basically 4 factors- teacher’s expertise, courses offered, learning environment, and classroom facilities.

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