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The Best Ways to Get More Likes on Your FaceBook Touch

Increasing your likes on your FaceBook Touch may appear daunting since you’ll find hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages available. So, how do you stand out among the other pages? By following a few easy marketing techniques by optimizing your page and regularly engaging with your followers, you’ll see the number of likes increase up and up, thereby increasing the reach of your page and spreading your brand’s name each day!

Optimizing Your FaceBook Touch

Include keywords and buzzwords in your title and your about section and profile.
The best method to optimize your site and have it rank more prominently in search results is to include buzzwords and keywords in the about section, the title, and other areas on your personal profile. Check out the top terms and searches within your industry and include these in your profile’s information.
If your company is starting, include “startup” in your about section. When writing blog articles, you can use phrases like “surprising” or “critical” to make your post appear more urgent.

Consider employing an SEO company to identify the most appropriate words to integrate into your content. They’ll list search terms in order of their popularity, allowing you to select the most relevant and effective words for your site.
Complete every aspect of the information section to improve your results. Studies have shown that well-designed Facebook pages get more likes than those that do not have contact information or personal details other information.

Make your website more memorable by using an eye-catching and consistent style.

FaceBook Touch
FaceBook Touch

Consistency is essential to make your website appear professional. Select a theme or logo that you will stick with on your header icons, watermarks, and icon on every image or video blog post. Review competitor pages for inspiration to create a distinctive style from the rest.

Choose only a few hues that are in contrast to make your logo and brand truly stand out.
A Facebook icon measures 180×180 pixels; a header image is 820 by 312 pixels on desktop computers and 640 by 360 for smartphones. Create your header in a way that looks attractive on mobile and computer layouts. You can also include your logo on both.
Include a call-to-action in your header. Phrases like “Follow Us For More!” can quickly direct fans to click the Like button.

Post interesting and relevant photos frequently.

Making sure your posts are distinctive and relevant is among the most effective ways to have your posts seen by customers, thereby expanding your reach. Facebook’s algorithm favors images over text. The Facebook algorithm favors images over text-based posts, so use this by sharing images related to your brand at least a couple of times per week.
Infographics, especially, are among the most shared images.

Think about creating an infographic on your product, such as when you run an establishment for flowers, create an infographic that explains taking care of the most well-known arrangements. If you operate a specialist food store, create an infographic on the health advantages associated with your items.

Create original video content to make use of Facebook’s algorithm.

  • Original videos are favored over other types that are available on Facebook. Create a video at least every week to benefit from this aspect of the Facebook algorithm since videos are shared more and viewed more than any other type of content.
  • Keep your videos brief and concise. Facebook users have limited attention spans. Therefore, keep your videos to less than a minute to get maximum engagement.
  • Always include captions on the video for those who do not have audio turned on since this has been proven to increase engagement for users by a significant amount
  • Post about the latest trending information that can fill the gaps within the conversation online.
  • Be aware of the latest news and discussions within your field. Participate in discussions or industry-related forums, and create content that addresses questions, explains concepts, or fills in the gaps in these conversations. Keep track of other pages within your field to find out the topics other people aren’t discussing to ensure that you are the first person to tackle an issue on your site.
  • Staying on top of the latest trends is essential for your social media presence growth. Be careful not to post about trends or events and keep your content specific to what’s happening today in your field. Images and videos increase the number of shares for the original material you post.
  • Keep the content of every blog post to a minimum of 120 characters in all posts, unless it’s a strictly text-based article. It’s been demonstrated that long texts can turn off users. Keep your descriptions of videos and images under 120 characters to boost the number of people who view your content by as much as 60 %.
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