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15 Teenage Entrepreneurial Business Ideas

Entrepreneurial Business Ideas, Being an adult with years of education and experience is certainly an advantage. But many examples prove that being of age is not necessary to start your own business. The modern world is full of opportunities. 

And these opportunities crop up regardless of your age. All you need in most cases is to borrow your parents’ Internet ultimate 300 Mbps and a device like a laptop or a smartphone. That too can be temporary. Even if you don’t have access to the best internet, you can still start your own business with little thought and guidance. This blog will show you how.

15 entrepreneurial spirit Ideas for Teens

Entrepreneurial Businesses don’t necessarily have to be about running an investment firm or a cutting-edge tech company. On a basic level, a business just sells either products or services. You can market even a simple skill to create your own business while still in your teens. Here are a few ideas that can help you figure out where to start:

  1. Offer Child Care Services
  2. Tutor Other Students
  3. Offer SAT or College Prep Services
  4. Handicraft E-Commerce Store
  5. YouTuber
  6. Social Media Influencer
  7. Professional Gamer
  8. Start a Blog
  9. Home-Baked Goods
  10. Run Errands For People
  11. Design and Sell Graphic Tee Shirts
  12. Create and Sell Graphics  
  13. Content Writing and Proofreading  
  14. Help People Set Up New Devices
  15. Offer Tech Support  

Let’s take a closer look at these business ideas for teens.

Offer Child Care Services


Babysitting can seem like a cliché of the gig to most teenagers. But the fact is, it is an easy way to make money without needing any special skills. More and more families these days consist of working parents. Sometimes, parents even work more than one job. With all the hustle and bustle, working parents always need someone to take care of their young children. You can start offering child care services online in your neighborhood and beyond.   

Tutor Other Students

Are you a straight-A student with too little cash in your pockets? Being a good student is something that you can market to make money. After all, there are always students who struggle with specific classes or subjects. You can offer to tutor them in exchange for a fee. Tutoring students is not that difficult and can help you start making money at an early age.

Offer SAT or College Prep Services

The transition from a high school student to a college student can be frightening. However, it also presents you with an opportunity if you are a good student. You can offer SAT prep and help people with their college applications for a reasonable fee. And you’ll be surprised at how many of your fellow students will be willing to pay.

Handicraft E-Commerce Store

You don’t have to be a top student to be an Entrepreneurial businessman or businesswoman. Maybe your skills lie elsewhere, like making delicate handicrafts. Handmade items often fetch a good price, and you can easily sell them online on social media or even in e-commerce stores.



YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. The video platform has really taken off over the past two decades. YouTubers make good money from the content they produce. You can also opt to add more revenue from advertisements and endorsements. The better content you produce, the more views you get, and the more money you make.  

Social Media Influencer

what is entrepreneurial operating system? Social media apps like Instagram and TikTok define this decade. Everyone uses them, which makes them a great place to make money. If you have a skill, looks, opinions, or even just funny ideas, you can try being a social media influencer. If people like your content, you can add more followers. Once you have a significant following, you may see brands and advertisers approaching you to endorse their products. That’s more money in your pocket.

Professional Gamer

While eSports is not yet at the level of the NFL or NBA, it is still hugely significant. It also has a much larger global following than many other sports. Games like Dota 2 have become so popular that they organize multimillion-dollar competitive professional tournaments. A pro gamer earns not just from winning tournaments, but also from streams. Streaming platforms like twitch pay pros to stream their games. That’s not to mention gaming endorsements, sponsorships, and more.   

entrepreneurial operating system, Start a Blog

Often enough, some of the most valuable things you can offer are your own experiences. Blogs are a great way to express yourself, and also to earn money. Creating a website is very easy thanks to popular drag-and-drop website building platforms. What is important is to be consistent and careful with your content. Pick a subject that interests you and can start creating content for your blog. You can use affiliate links, sponsored posts, and ads to add to your income.  

Home-Baked Goods

Are you good in the kitchen? Love baking batches of cookies that everyone loves? You may have everything you need to start your own home-baked goods business. You may not even need a website. Just make a page on Facebook and Instagram and start running ads for your cookies and cupcakes. People always love homemade stuff, and you’ll likely find a lot of buyers near you.

Run Errands for People

Running errands for people in your neighborhood is something that you can turn into a business. Advertise your services around you. People always need someone to pick up their dry cleaning or walk their dog. That’s a fairly profitable niche for a teenager.  

Design and Sell Graphic Tee Shirts

People love edgy fashion statements. Tee shirts with hip messages and graphics are all the rage these days. It’s not difficult to find ways to meet that demand. Create a batch of designs, get them printed on plain tee shirts, and start your own modern clothing line.  

Create and Sell Graphics  

If you have a knack for creating good graphics, you’re at an advantage. Graphic design is a very valuable skill in today’s world. You can start by creating graphics regularly, and selling them to individuals and businesses online. Be creative and consistent to build up a client base for your business.

Content Writing and Proofreading  

There are millions of websites on the internet. Thousands more pop up every day. Every website needs someone to write and proofread its copy. If you’re good with languages, grammar, and vocabulary, this may be the perfect business for you. You can also advertise your services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and UpWork to get more clients.  

Help People Set Up New Devices

There are more than a few people who struggle with modern technology. Think of your grandparents, or older people living in your area. They need these devices, but they often struggle with using them. New devices can usually be a nightmare for these people. This is where you come in. You can help the less tech-savvy by setting up their new devices for them for a reasonable fee. Chances are, they will be so glad for your help that they’ll pay happily.  

Offer Tech Support , the entrepreneurial operating system model 

If you’re good with technology, you can always set up a small tech support business. Base it on an existing model like Cox bill pay customer Care. Offering technical support to customers for often very easy-to-fix problems is a great business idea. It is something that you can even scale if your business starts to grow. Plenty of big tech support centers started out small. You could be the next big thing in customer service.

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