Considerations when Choosing New Carpet


When it comes time to choose a new carpet, it’s important to look beyond the design and color of the carpeting that you’re looking for. When choosing new carpeting, take into consideration not only how it feels under your bare feet or hands, but where it will be used, how durable it is, and how easy or difficult it is to keep clean.

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Location, location, location

It’s not just about choosing a carpet that meets your particular ideals for how you want your home to look, but durability. Carpeting a home can be an expensive investment. Each style of carpeting comes with different price tags and types, such as nylon, polyester, wool, Berber, and so forth. Take into consideration your lifestyle and potential wear and tear on the carpet depending on your family size. For example, plush or thicker pile carpeting is certainly soft, thick, and comfy, but also shows not only footprints but tracks left by a vacuum. Berber is a very dense and flat carpet style but is extremely durable and resistant to stains, tracking, and soiling, which is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, children’s rooms, basement man-caves, or playrooms.

Maintenance needs

Maintenance needs are also an important consideration when choosing a new carpet. A home that has pets and younger children may consider opting for carpeting that is stain-resistant and low-pile and that resists dust, debris, and dirt from sinking deep like it can in shag or pile-type carpeting. When browsing for carpeting, talk to the manufacturer representative or salesperson about cleaning requirements based on manufacturer guidelines.

Gauging wear-and-tear of new carpet

Wear and tear is an important concern for any homeowner considering carpet replacement. The carpet style as well as materials have not only a huge influence on maintenance needs, but on longevity, durability, and appearance. High-density looped carpeting like Berber or Saxony can make cleaning and maintenance easier and also resists the buildup of dirt, dust, and allergens. Opting for pile or shag or multilevel loop carpeting styles can be used in low to medium-traffic areas of the home, but maybe a bit more resistant to cleaning.

Cost considerations and warranties

Take the time to shop around for carpeting, whether you’re looking for luxurious or utilitarian. For homes with children and pets, stain-resistant carpeting is worth a little extra money, but it’s also important to remember to consider the expenses of maintenance. In such cases, carpet tiles might be more effective and efficient when it comes to replacement than rolled carpeting, which can be quite a bit more expensive.

Also, be aware of warranties against stains, wear and tear, and stain protection. Understand how the manufacturer defines “wear”. Many complaints from homeowners regarding carpeting is not due to the carpeting itself, but the installation process. Before purchasing carpet, ask the retailer about complaint resolution or warranties if you’re not happy with the installation

Choosing a new carpet is a big step, especially when a good quality carpet can last up to 15 years. Do your homework and choose carefully. If you are looking for Indianapolis carpet installation I would recommend ProSand Flooring.

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