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Business VOIP Phone Systems

If you’re a small business in the UK, it might be time to start thinking about purchasing a Business VOIP Phone System. These systems can be used by small businesses to large enterprises. They often include features such as team collaboration and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), as well as the ability to make and receive calls to other numbers around the world. As VoIP is run over the internet, you may want to consider a leased line as your stable internet connection.


If you’re looking for a business VOIP phone system in the UK, there are many companies that offer this technology. However, choosing the right service depends on your specific requirements. Some companies offer a lot more than others, and you may be better off going with one that offers features you’re more interested in.

One company that offers a full suite of business VoIP phone systems is Berry. This company provides very affordable business VOIP phone systems with excellent customer support. Their main selling point is their UK-based support and dedicated account manager.


Business VOIP Phone Systems
Business VOIP Phone Systems

Nimvelo is a flexible and cloud-based business phone system that offers a wide range of features. Its system can be used with mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and other compatible handsets. As a result, it allows remote teams to stay in touch. Its service is free to install and requires no upfront contract, and it’s also easy to set up and begin using in minutes.

The company’s small-business-focused packages are perfect for growing businesses. They come with 50+ features, including call recording, after-hours smart routing, virtual receptionist, and mobile apps. Users can also choose unlimited VoIP plans, which let them make unlimited calls to 36 destinations worldwide.


iPhone offers a complete range of hosted cloud-based business VoIP phone systems, offering a host of features and fixed monthly price plans to suit any business needs. Available for all kinds of businesses, CFone systems let your employees answer calls anywhere, at any time, without having to compromise on quality or functionality. iPhone phone systems also feature a range of advanced call handling and conferencing facilities, and business phone numbers with unlimited calling.

iPhone’s systems are compatible with a variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. This makes them ideal for companies with employees spread across the globe. In addition to being extremely flexible, they also simplify the process of remote working, allowing employees to be productive even while at home. To install the system, you simply need an internet connection and the appropriate software. VoIP systems also integrate with mobile devices, allowing you to make and receive calls on the move.


If you’re looking for a reliable and professional provider of business VOIP phone systems in the UK, 4Com is the company for you. Since its inception, 4Com has grown from strength to strength, installing thousands of phone systems in business settings with minimal disruption. With a dedicated call center staffed by telecom experts, 4Com can provide a high-quality phone system for your business. The average length of service for its engineers is seven years, making it easy to trust your business communications with 4Com.

VOIP Phone Systems

Founded in 1999, 4Com is a leading provider of business telephone systems in the UK. Its range of products includes on-premises systems, hosted VoIP, and hybrid systems. The company is also well-respected, having won the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For award five years running. Among its most popular products is the HiHi3 VoIP phone-come-tablet, which can be used in both business and home environments.

Berry’s iPECS cloud

Berry’s award-winning cloud-based business VOIP phone systems offer a number of features. They are flexible and configurable and offer features like voicemail, auto-attendant, screen sharing, and built-in analytics. They also include an intuitive user interface.

With over 35 features, Berry’s iPECS cloud business VoIP phone systems are ideal for a variety of businesses. Some of these features can be customized to meet the needs of your business, including providing essential information to callers. Other features can help you answer calls and manage customer service more efficiently. The service can be configured to include features such as chat and video and can integrate with contact centers and enterprise-class API solutions. It also includes a reliable connection and helpful customer support.


VTSL offers a range of business telephony solutions for businesses. Its products and services are cloud-based and are compatible with a variety of network technologies, including FTTC, SDWAN and fiber Ethernet. Its business phone solutions come with a variety of features and services, including unlimited UK minutes and international plans. Moreover, VTSL offers 24/7 technical support. The company’s business VoIP phone systems offer advanced corporate phone system functionality to meet the needs of any business. VoIP technology, or voice-over-internet protocol, utilizes the internet for telephone calls, reducing line rental costs and enabling cheaper per-minute rates.

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