Best Places To Visit in Australia

10 Best Places To Visit in Australia

Best Places To Visit in Australia, Many places to visit in Australia have so much to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to quirky cities and towns, that you will never be able to see them all no matter how many times you visit the country. Here are ten of the most beautiful and exciting places you need to visit in Australia.

1. Sydney

Sydney is a mix of ancient and modern and has something for everyone. For example, on your first day, you can be checking out some of Sydney’s colonial-era architecture by day while strolling along pristine beaches at night. As one of the biggest cities in Australia, there’s plenty to see and do here, but you’ll also find quiet spots far from downtown crowds.

2. The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are located in New South Wales, Australia. They are part of Sydney’s metropolitan area and lie approximately 100 kilometers (62 mi) west of Sydney’s central business district. The region is named after the blue tinge that appears from a distance or through a haze or fog. In 1799 Lieutenant James Cook became one of its first European discoverers, sailing along its coast and naming Point Solander.

3. Cairns

This beautiful city has stunning natural beauty, year-round sunshine, and a population of fewer than 500,000 people. It has the most beautiful beaches, including The Cairns Coral Sea, Trinity Bay, and The Cairns Esplanade. It should be no surprise that Cairns tops our list of places you absolutely must visit in Australia.

4. Brisbane

Not only is Brisbane a great city to visit, but it’s also a phenomenal place to live. The climate is mild and enjoyable, and plenty of outdoor activities to take advantage of. Plus, everything from dining and entertainment options to safety factors ranks highly for cities worldwide. Fun fact: This city was initially named after Lord Thomas Brisbane, an English military officer and colonial administrator for New South Wales.

5. Melbourne

Best Places To Visit in Australia
Best Places To Visit in Australia

Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia; Melbourne is a vibrant city with great weather year-round and breathtaking scenery. If you’re traveling to Melbourne for business or pleasure, there are plenty of places to visit in Australia. The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and Melbourne Exhibition Center are two exciting destinations for travelers to check out. First opened back in 1991, these venues bring together thousands of people for car shows, trade fairs, and conventions every year.

6. Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Queensland, is one of Australia’s busiest tourist destinations and draws people to its spectacular beaches, quality shopping, and all-night party scene. Among its highlights are Surfers Paradise Beach, which is excellent for surfing and swimming, and Broadbeach Beach, which has a lifeguard-patrolled beach, surf club, and popular restaurants such as Prego Ristorante Italiano. There are plenty of museums to explore for history buffs, including Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

7. Darwin

Newbie travelers often head for Sydney or Melbourne during a visit to Australia, but if you’re looking for adventure and really immerse yourself in nature, it’s hard to beat Darwin. Located on Australia’s north coast near Melville Island, Darwin is a gateway to some of Australia’s most untouched beaches and rainforests, making it a great place to relax with secluded swimming holes and unspoiled views around every corner.

8. Adelaide

Best Places To Visit in Australia
Best Places To Visit in Australia

Adelaide is Australia’s wine region and is easily accessible from Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. It has so much to offer that it seems a shame to leave it out of your sightseeing tour. Top attractions include the North Terrace Historic Precinct, the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Zoo, and Adelaide Botanic Garden.

9. Perth

Nestled on a swathe of land between two popular vacation destinations – Adelaide and Melbourne – Perth is a quiet, relaxed city with tons to offer. There’s no shortage of wild beauty, amazing culture, or unique activities that make Perth a great place to visit (or live) any time of year. If you’re lucky enough to have family here, give them a call and take some time to enjoy Australia’s best-kept secret. It won’t be for long!

10. Hobart

Hobart is one of Australia’s most spectacular cities, nestled into a deep bay on Tasmania’s rugged southeast coast. Along with its neighboring port city of Launceston, Hobart serves as Tasmania’s capital and largest city, but despite its size and cultural importance, it retains an intimate charm that invites visitors to slow down and spend time exploring. In Hobart, residents still have time to say hello when they pass on the street.

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