The Best 7 benefits of Ariana Grande’s Instagram picuki

Ariana Grande is one of the most followed stars on Instagram, with 46 million followers as of September 2016, so it’s no surprise that people are clamoring to read more about her and see the photos she posts on social media platforms. However, Grande’s Instagram photos have much more to offer than simply being good at promoting her latest album or acting career; Ariana Grande’s Instagram picuki have plenty of benefits of their own. Take a look at some of the ways Grande’s Instagram picuki can help you in life.

She’s humble and down to earth

Selfies aside, what makes us love Grande on social media is her genuine nature. You can see that through how she interacts with fans and thanks them for their support in almost every photo. Her love of her work is apparent in each post she shares, and it’s refreshing to see such a huge star express herself so personally.

It’s clear she’s humble and doesn’t care about showing off a ton—and we respect that! She just wants to share with her fans what inspires her, which is something any artist should do. As you can tell from some of our favorite examples below, it’s also just fun to get a glimpse into Grande’s everyday life as well as who she admires and respects most.

She uses her platform for good causes

Ariana Grande's Instagram picuki
Ariana Grande’s Instagram picuki

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Ariana Grande is one of our generation’s top pop stars. Her most recent project has been to promote a new album in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month. With every new photo she posts on social media, she gives a portion of the proceeds to cancer research and early detection, raising millions in donations! If you think about it, there are few things more influential than an A-list celebrity. Millions of people follow Ariana daily on Twitter and Instagram, meaning hundreds of thousands could be donating as well!

She inspires confidence

When Ariana uploads an Instagram photo, you can be sure that she looks flawless. Her makeup is impeccable, her hair always flowing just right, and her outfits are always on-point. If you want to feel confident in your skin, look no further than Ariana Grande’s social media accounts. The starlet shows that she embraces every single curve while still looking sexy as hell.

Her selfies and videos will help you feel like a superstar too! And when you feel good about yourself, it shows in all aspects of your life—including how you treat others. That means Ariana Grande is making everyone around her happier by sharing what she loves with us through social media. What more could we ask for Ariana Grande’s Instagram picuki?

She helps others through social media

Like most celebrities, Ariana Grande doesn’t just use social media for personal promotion. She also regularly uses it to raise awareness about important issues, particularly on World Humanitarian Day (August 19). Whether she’s focusing on animal welfare or donating clothes to those in need, her Instagram is a place where she can make a difference. And we’re all better off for it.

It’s easy to assume that popular entertainers and athletes are only interested in promoting themselves. But celebrity advocacy has been on an upswing in recent years—and some of today’s most famous people are using their platforms Ariana Grande’s Instagram picuki for good instead of fame.

She inspires creativity

Ariana Grande is consistently creative with her poses. Whether she’s doing a #BDE or showing off her love for Britney Spears, she always makes sure to have fun. By being so free with what she posts on social media, she encourages others to express themselves similarly as well—whether that be through music, art, or something else entirely. She doesn’t just post things to get engagement; everything has meaning behind it and encourages people to do something creative every day!

Her followers are fanatical

One look at her Instagram feed, and it’s easy to see why. Thanks to a mix of hipster fashion and pop-star glamour, Grande has been gaining an ardent following among fans who are as passionate about her latest outfit as they are about her latest music video. A quick search on social media will pull up hundreds of amateur designers posting their attempts at recreating what she wears with hilarious results. The best part? She doesn’t have to pay for any of these outfits; all she has to do is post them on Instagram.

She makes you want to work hard on your goals

Ariana Grande's Instagram picuki
Ariana Grande’s Instagram picuki

With her talent and drive, she’s a constant reminder that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goals. Her posts on her personal Instagram (@arianagrande) and YouTube VEVO (YouTube channel) give fans an inside look at what it takes to get to that point. She’s always working toward new projects whether it be music or fashion—and her fans get to learn a little more about who she is along the way.

She never puts out negative vibes

Taking a quick look at her Instagram picuki gives you major feels (and selfies). When your day is getting you down, there’s nothing better than taking a look at some positive vibes. They can be so powerful that they might make you feel better even if you don’t like her music. Her positive outlook on life can help people regain confidence in themselves and maybe even convince them to follow their dreams too.

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